China tries a Honey Trap to Ensnare me

Now that I have left China, I have seen an uptick in harassment from the Chinese nationalists I am obviously now seen as greater threat!

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  1. Been watching this guy for a couple of years now. I think I’ve probably seen every single video. He is always very honest, thoughtful and respectful. More importantly, he provides insight that otherwise might not have been seen from my location. Particularly, these days, these are very relevant insites.

  2. Listening to this for only a few minutes begs the question: what foreigner in their right mind would choose to live in China unless there is some undisclosed reason and dare I say, nefarious reason or that person was ridiculously narcissistic and imagined they existed outside normal conventions/rules ?

  3. “Sure! My address is 935 Pennsylvania Avenue NW, Washington, DC. Stop by anytime and shout out for my secretary, Jee Hawd. Please yell that name really loudly there and someone will come help you!”

  4. Well, you have taught the whole world about China, and we carry on your message. It is significant. All the people I know, know now that Chinese people empty local stores if there is a sudden market. I am also trying to get the message trough to people who can do something about it if that happens.

  5. You want people in every country to hate their own country, and then like the United States. The United States does not need so many people. They need the proletariat. Imagine there is only the United States in the world. Will the United States be so rich?

  6. Jesus i have no idea how you are able to bash Chinese so much especially you never know what they can do to you and how! U got big balls mate 💪

  7. 25:52 this is interestingly very similar to those who support leftist or communist ideas in the west. It’s all about denying the truth and shutting people down so they can continue with their narrative unchallenged.

  8. 13:25 story behind thumbnail after much backstory on this and digressing . Highly suggest watching the whole vid, or watching video from beginning up to aforementioned timestamp after the other half of it. I don’t mean any harm by commenting this if only to provide another viewing option for others like myself seeing as I have ADHD and prefer some TLDR alternatives.

  9. Be careful Winston .. china is wolf hunting people like you ..they could grab you and fly you away into oblivion ..move to a small town where all strangers are “noticed” ..the operatives wont be able to get near you without having all eyes on them

  10. Africans are good and hard working people i wonder why the world harrasses them, one day Africans will be at peace and will move and work freely anywhere in the world like any other people.

  11. A computer room full of Chinese computer propaganda spies trying to destroy anyone who China feels are a threat to there image. China hates the truth.

    Western Democratic Countries need to start manufacturing there own stuff instead of getting it made in China. Other South East Asian countries need to set up manufacturing facilities to complete with China. Boycott China, STOP buying things made in China.

  12. I am an Indian, I have been to China! Some of the most nicest and most welcoming people I have ever met! But yes they are kind of brainwashed into thinking their president is some really great personality and most of them worship him! That is so messed up!

  13. They way they treat Japanese people is nothing relate to race issue, but black people and Indian people are for sure related to race issue.

  14. It’s like a country and a foreigner going through a divorce phrase. This channel are increasingly airing dirty laundry. It always has, but now more so.

  15. I love the fact that this is all firsthand perspective and related in a fair and common sense way rather than just sensationalism. Thanks.
    (I can also tell you that as a critic of the CCP I’ve had similar “catfishing” and trolling experiences on social media platforms. You did exactly the right thing, keeping it polite and respectable.)

  16. No, serpentza. We are not… I mean… I am not watching you. I didn’t even watch the video. There is no danger. So please come back to the mainland. It’s all good.

  17. I think that your choice to move to US was not the best as there can be even worse social conditions and they can also think you will act similar. If China considered you dangerous in any way you had been already imprisoned or deported but in many aspects they protect and look for citizens on their land no matter the origins, a control which is not bad or abusive. A discipline is necessary for such a large society. You had all the freedom to act and work, to earn money and maybe you exaggerate your situation. Only psychopath individuals are trying to harass you and test your integrity, no governmental involvement.

  18. The Chinese have become paranoid. Their corrupt government’s shady moves are being exposed and it’s scary for them, they’re going to lose power. All they can do is blame the innocent. We’re always with you Winston

  19. No. This is your personal experience and it doesn’t mean it happens to all foreigners in China. What do I know? I’m just a foreigner living in China too and has a different experience from you because I don’t raise suspicion, living normally, and friendly to everybody. I never had any troubles in China. In fact, I feel even more comfortable when there are police around for checking. You must always remember, there’s nothing to fear when you’re not doing anything wrong. I used to fear them because of what people say about China but I guess what people say is not entirely correct. It’s subjective

  20. The CCP is brain washing the population daily and hence some Chinese are ultra sensitive to views from the free world. To educate them we need to be absolutely patience with them. You could have shown them the truth (the pic) but they are surely not emphatic enough to understand your thoughts & your kindness. They are even more xenophobia against the Wuhan people after the pandemic. Whatever, you have done a good job to use your personal experiences/lessons to teach the free world of what to expect from the CCP. I have learnt a lot from your guidances. Take good care and God bless.

  21. 90% of the people in China in the 1950s were farmers. Farmers were shamelessly exploited by landlords and often starved to death. The Communist Party saved most of the farmers. If you want to understand the current China, please understand the history of China. Please do not listen to one side.

  22. I’m an Indonesian Chinese, was born in Indonesia and am proud to be called Indonesian, i think it’s true that they look down on people from Southeast Asian countries, but i still do love Chinese language though, but i guess i’ll think twice to go to China, i prefer Japan..

  23. I signed up with them at the police station in 2009 never had to do it again,
    though my wife’s cousin is a police officer so he was the one who was “checking” up on me when
    we would go out drinking and eating xD.

    I never had to show the certificate for my visa, that I remember though.
    But I guess maybe how I went about it was… Uhh bribery? xD
    Any way long story short giving people,
    $1000 dollar gift baskets in China allows you to skip a lot of paperwork.

  24. I cant help but think Chinese apps like tik tok and zoom are possibly being used to collect information, photos, comments ect. on everyone who uses them around the world. There probabally is a huge data base on billions of non chineses somewhere in China.. it’s not hard to imagine how china may use this information.

  25. Lol funny how this channel did a complete 180 the last two years. It went from being china’s great, communist countries aren’t bad to now, look at all the shit the commies are trying to do to me right now.

    Never ever ever ever ever ever ever ever trust a communist government dude and certainly never live somewhere where they’re controlling a nation. It’s literally a bunch of gangsters parading around as a world power and they’re about to get incinerated.

  26. Thank you for sharing. Sorry to hear what happened to you. Keep up the good work mate. I know it’s counter productive, but I wonder if what you have mentioned has happened to anyone who tries to be a comedian about this. Such as presenting themselves as a character from an imaginary serial killer film, who comes out with really random quotes like referring to friends and family who don’t exist, and presenting random of the wall photos. Basically just testing how much of a distraction they can be to the CCP who have to put lots of resources in just for the individual to give them a birthday card at the end.

  27. CIA would need massive funding if they paid every western person. And why would they even pay you. Paid asset is the last asset you want….they are the worse.
    Btw as someone who lived in communist regime and lived in “privileged family – military background and intelligence background” I can tell you there is handling apparatus behind those guys attacking anything western. They might not know it, but they are coordinated by some professional external security intelligence officer.

  28. Who woulda thought you’d be at war with the Chinese government sometime in your adult life. Good luck my friend, stay safe and attentive if you choose this path.

  29. Sorry for hearing about your experience by disturbing by CCP. as a Chinese international student,i might think some of your opinion is too extreme,like the sign about not Indian allow. is not chinese hate foreigners, because of the boycott of Chinese and Chinese products happened in India,some Chinese want to fight back as this way which i think it is not good too,but it is not all chinese do not like foreigners. For the “Japanese and dog do not allow” , i believe very few of restaurants will do that,because for the young generation,we do not hate japan,so somehow i feel you are a little bit extreme and sensitive. still sorry about what happened to you.

  30. Stay safe and careful. You seem confident that their efforts to bring you down won’t escalate to dangerous levels, but it doesn’t seem out of the question.

  31. Wow. That last sentence was like a big middle finger. Edit: I cannot wait to see what Winston aires. It sounds juicy AF. I just hope that the PRC doesn’t amplify its efforts.

  32. Imagine I owned a business and said no Chinese allowed due to the CCP I’d be taken to court in the west and rightly so. The west still does have issue with racism but people act like its not a major issue in other nations. I’d argue that china is not because the people are deep racists but because of the nationalism the CCP is creating

  33. Important discussion on life in China for western person. Details that make us all realize the dangers of the PRC. Your stories videos reveal a China we seldom here. Your so awesome with a msg that CCP does not represent the good people of China

  34. China, or someone who hates you or really does want to meet/interview you? You do realise anyone who simply does a search on “serpentza” is directed right to a Wikipedia page for WInston Sterzel, right?

  35. 90% of the people in China in the 1950s were farmers. Farmers were shamelessly exploited by landlords and often starved to death. The Communist Party saved most of the farmers. If you want to understand the current China, please understand the history of China. Please do not listen to one side.

  36. What was that after the chat 😂 “Hindu is not allowed to enter” wtf
    we don’t do that here ” like Chinese are not allowed” it’s not just CCP theirs some wrong with their common sense and sense of money and racial superiority.

  37. Imagine someone going around calling all Chinese people dog munchers. Sterio typical but it’s an example that you can’t group them all.

  38. BTW, one more thing about Chinas policy toward their citizens abroad .
    It has been done with a _:good_reason.
    For probably more than a decade EVERY Chinese within EU was controlled by Intelligence.
    And by controlled I literally mean controlled, to the point that you control your drone for air shots.
    ANYONE that even thought opposing them has suffered dearly.
    And not just Chinese, but understandably China is focusing on its interests (Chinese) here.
    They are used as a cheap drones for countersurveillance, with their relatives here being silent hostages and guarantees of servility.
    So China did what many others did and is going for clear separation.
    They don’t need English teachers/spies/etc anymore and could use all that foreign know-how after global reset.

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