Chickens Are Great

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  1. Good vlog on the chickens, I like them, pity about the broilers. I like dogs as much as the next guy, but as a farmer you cannot have a load of untrained dogs doing what they want. I understand you need some for security, pick a couple of the big ones, build some kennels for them. Have a house dog. Sell the rest. They kill your chickens, your garden dosnt grow, they crap everywhere which isnt healthy for you and your workers, they get in the way, and really should not be near the pigs transfering disease. They bring nothing to the party, you said unconditional love? Can you do a vlog why you need so many dogs? I am not having a go, I really like your vlogs, I have been a fan from the start, they are excellent, but dont understand the dog thing.

  2. If you move your broody hens to separate cages about 2 feet x 4 feet and then put a dozen fresh eggs under each one you will get 10 chick’s hatch out of 12 eggs

  3. Some chain link fence partially in the ground with concrete and steel posts would be nice. $ Nice work on the chicks. Some of them I call blondies (white and light brown) look like broiler kabir cross. Onwards and upwards.

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