Chicken Check, Goat Relocation

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  1. If your chicken feed does not have enough calcium in it , to make for calcium deficiency, the chicks pick the feathers from the other chicks. When they do that the victims are left with blood spots which attract the the other chicks. They now peck at that. The more they peck the more they see; they peck and peck till the peck out the intestines, I’ve seen birds barely standing, fully dis-disemboweled . To avoid this , place containers of marl or loose sand in the pens from which the birds will eat and make up for their calcium deficiency…problem solved.

  2. Nice thing i like about my rabbits, no noise!! Lol. Still have the neighbours dogs, roosters ect, ect to disturbe the peace. Not to mention every afternoon, many filipinas playing csrds on our terrace( more noise than any animal!! Lol) πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  3. Time to put them separate tie him alone and fatten for kill and get new male with better manners you keep the male separate from female to breeding time only together at breeding

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