Chiang Mai vs. Hanoi

I interview Andrew Hupert regarding Chiang Mai vs. Hanoi for long-term travelers and foreign expats.

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Q: Where are you from?
A: I’m Vietnamese-American from Minneapolis-St. Paul, Minnesota, USA.

Q: Where are you based?
A: Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam and travel throughout the Asia-Pacific.

Q: Where did you go to school?
A: I have a B.A. from St. John’s University (Minnesota), a M.A. degree in Chinese Studies from the University of Hawaii, a Global Trade Certificate from Saint Paul College (Minnesota), and am APICS-certified as a Supply Chain Professional (CSCP).

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  1. Pollution is the manjor issue in HCMC in my opinion…and I’m not a complainer! Had to get a mask even to walk the streets + the Grab bike which I use like a utility. As much as I want to live like a local, the condos (Diamond Island, Vin Homes, Vista Verde) and other is Q2 are probably the best option for your health.

  2. add I eat banh mi sandwiches and fish pho every day but you need to eat at home if you’re concerned about getting your daily recommended amount of fibre and 5 a days..can jump on a Grab bike to a Co.op Mart, get nuts, fruit and veg make the return journey all for about £5.

  3. You can only live in CM for part of the year due to the smoke.
    Digital Nomads have made it hard to retire in Thailand with the resultant gov’t policies and requirements.
    Cambo same. Now VN business visa off the table too.

    1. Kotiara123 also, in the case of Vietnam is a little different than what you say about the preference . The Vietnamese government don’t Give all Asian races that privilege 5 years visa . They only give this privilege to Vietnamese that live over sea only because we have contributed a lot back to mother land such as many of us send money back home to help the family , and also education to help rebuilt the country economy and make the country strong again . And that’s why we have that privilege and we also understand the culture better. Also , Vietnamese American and any Vietnamese oversea can reapply to get their citizenship if they want it to . Unlike foreigners , it is very tough for them to get Vietnamese citizen .

    2. @Danny dragon yes, Danny, it’s great that Vietnam does it for foreigners with Vietnamese heritage. I wish white countries in the West would learn from Asians and gave the same preference to white immigrants as well.

    3. Unless you are lucky like me who is a Vietnamese – American , then you will have a five years visa as long as you have the Vietnamese gene or DNA HAHAHA. also , I speak perfect Vietnamese and understand my own Vietnamese culture which is a big plus HAHAHAHA 😃😃😃😃😃😃😂😂😂😂😂😜😜😜😜😜👍👍👍👍👍👍👍🇨🇳🇨🇳🇨🇳🇨🇳🇨🇳🇨🇳🇨🇳🇨🇳🇻🇳🇻🇳🇻🇳🇻🇳🇻🇳🇻🇳🇻🇳🇻🇳🇻🇳🇻🇳🇻🇳🇻🇳!!!!

  4. Yes the Thai Government wants quality Immigrants not people that they don’t have a penny. I been to Thailand many times and I won’t charge it.

  5. AWESOME interview. Love his description of Vietnam. Exciting. I’ve been looking for a place like “China in the early 2000’s”. Huge opportunity!!!!!

  6. Totally disagree about Chiang Mai . Have not been there since 2005 and i thought it was way over rated. Great food ? Nothing special i thought. Walking ATM ? Yes ! Friendly not really. Air pollution horrible. Too many Thai scammers more so with transportation. Foreigners not the types i really wish to be around. Not into tourist traps.
    Foreigners that expect the locals and a country to change for them. They are all over Thailand. I consider them a local menace they make all foreigners look bad.

  7. Glad and impressed to see an expat enrolled in Vietnamese language school. Very few expats make the effort to learn the language. Great interview Vin.. congrats

  8. This was great information. I am currently near Bangkok and I am looking to head to Vietnam to teach English. I am trying to choose between Hanoi and HCMC. I am leaning towards Hanoi.

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