Checking What’s Growing In The Garden

How to farm for profit in the Philippines, business ideas. General advice about farming and business, how to get permit’s and licenses. Life style expectations and experiences.


  1. We should make a garden meeting with all of you there in the garden, at least twice a week. You all get smiles and are happy when you are in the garden together. Good family time.

  2. I’m a regular viewer, hardly comment though. I’m just saying that Boss lady seems to change her mood since she got pregnant. She doesn’t seem to be as tough and demanding as she was. Just my observation. I like it though. Maybe she’s having a baby girl. 🥰😊Stay safe guys.😷

  3. You need a robot managing the garden that can keep the right moisture level in the soil automatically for the land to produce more.The harvest cannot maintain so many employees and masters . LOL

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