Checking Out Our Condo Building & Barangay Pass – Cebu, Philippines

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  1. We stayed in Solinea 3 for a week back in mid Feb. It was a good location for access to Ayala and the food mall. The traffic has sure changed since then. Opted to lockdown in Palawan atm rather than risk exposure in travel back to Australia, at least there is a pool here and the beer and food is cheap. Stay safe and healthy.

  2. Life In The Philippines Is So Simple, Even Under Quarantine. The Lady Just handed over the pass, No questions asked as she knew you. In India, I have to go to Cops 5 times and still get the pass rejected and have to fill the form each time and its only valid for one hour. There is so much fear here seeing another human being. The lady did not fear seeing a tenant. I don’t see India surviving this, it would be miracle if half of the population lives. Man I made a huge mistake..I should have stayed in Philippines and not chicken out due to CV.

  3. Nice fit out/furniture in the condo, don’t often see decent joinery in PH. Thailand and even Vietnam are miles ahead in finish quality of interiors.
    That’s definitely a studio, not a 1br studio. Mutually exclusive terms usually.. bedroom referring to complete separate walled room. Not just a studio with a partition wall (very popular in Thai condos) 🀘🏻

  4. 5:19 Recently, I was thinking about the movie The Omega Man. That crisis about the coronavirus was making think about this pretty good movie. I love Soylent Green too!

  5. Hey my friend….my name is Raven remember me….we chat once long time ago…I have been there last year in Cebu…I wanted to go back and see my Girl there…but this C-virus happen…sucks! be careful my friend…

  6. “Room 307,” was it? And those twin girls in the hallway as Danny was riding his Big Wheel? (Shudder.) Didn’t read the book, but was bloody creeped out when I first saw it. “The Shining” is a Collector’s Item. Yup. That condo pretty much reminds me of that hotel, too. I could almost hear the musical theme emanating from its walls, too.

  7. Kiki, please be careful brother. Remember, you are not in “Kansas” anymore. President D just said COVID violators may be shot. I know you guys are not carriers, but all the same, please move forward with caution. PS: REDRUM!!! lolol

  8. Ypu have a good view of gorrordo. Not to far from mabolo. You sre right down the street from landers superstore. A membership place line Costco. I used to work for Amazon in the Phil am life building. I am now back in Las Vegas. Do you have any idea about immigration times right now? By the way my buddy Anthony B on Dumaguete knows of you. You are reliable source of info.

    One thing i have learned living in cebu is that majority of the forriegners especially from ther US stick to themselves and just take care of their stead. Many left and dont want the habits of the Americans near therm. Especially like borrowing things.

    Do you speak bisaya? If you need info let me know?

  9. The Barangay captain brought our hall pass tonight and guess who got it ( only per household ) not the old guy LOL. The Shinning was on Netflix, U might be able to still catch it there. Ron

  10. I don’t think management will open the park because that will defeat the whole purpose. Here in Dallas-Fort Worth, people congregated in the public parks and now they are closed.

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