Checking out Fort San Pedro – Cebu City, Philippines

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  2. Hi REEKAY:

    I asked in the last video:

    What is the name of your lead in song?

    Iโ€™d like to look it up and hear the whole thing.

    Thanks for another video


  3. I been here together with my fiance before, I miss this place
    I hope someday me and my fiance going back again to visit this place.โค๏ธ๐Ÿ˜˜

  4. Nice fort, the original was made of wood. Whatโ€™s standing now is the stone fort that was built in the early 17th century. Philippines has some history, just the other day they founded and dug up a U.S. WW II tank in a river up north.

    1. Bro, I spent a month in SE Asia (Vietnam, Thailand, and some transfers in Japan and Singapore). I just got back today! I caught something really bad in Thailand. By the time I made it to Chiang Mai I had a 105ยฐF fever and severe diarrhea. I was bedridden for a week with the fever and couldn’t leave the room once the fever broke because of the constant diarrhea. I couldn’t travel because of fever monitoring at ALL of the airports for COVID-19. I didn’t dare go to the hospital because I would have been quarantined with COVID-19 patients even though I had no respiratory symptoms. The Corona hoax and hype is spreading like wildfire. There are billions of sheeple falling for anything the government or media put out. It’s almost not worth travelling unless you’re taking a direct flight to one place only. Over 95% of foreign nationals are terrified of Corona. My $0.02 worth.

  5. hey i was just there in November 2019, i see nothing has changed,,, hahaha,, well nothing has in the port for hundreds of years, hahah, ah,,,,,,,, just joking, but i was really there,,,,,

    1. About time you got yourself a Woman she’s beautiful God bless I hope everything turns out great i married in Cebu will be living in iligan city where im saving for a house in NewYork giving me 6 years to save till retirement at 62

  6. Nice video. Thanks for sharing. I still stuck in China, but things are getting much better now. At least my factories are back in production. @ledlitec at Facebook. Thanks Reekay. Luv you all.

  7. Beautiful place guys!! Vi is so pleasant…..she hasnโ€™t got a pretentious bone in her body. What the camera captures about her cannot be faked! Sheโ€™s a natural via her pleasant and obvious loving mannerisms towards you Reekay!
    Rechlle and I hope to catch up with you in the near future.

  8. Yeah, I was there. The fort is about 50 times smaller than Intramuros in Manila.
    I paid for me and my girl friend and I asked for tickets. They said “the cashier is not here”.
    OK, i paid the money.
    After half hour I went out and I asked again for our tickets… and same “the cashier is not here”.
    I waited half hour more and I realized this is the corruption way for them to steal money….
    This is third world, friends !!

  9. Thank you for this wonderful video and by the way if you’re expecting a delayed mail, it’s most likely waiting for you at the Post Office next to the Fort. They are extremely slow at delivering

  10. The fort was awesome they sure built stuff tough back then, as you walked into the fort tunnel I had visions of 8 t0 16 pound cannon balls smacking the exterior thick walls making a thud sound great video.

  11. Reekay, you brought back some good memories. I was here last year with my girlfriend. Her and I enjoyed it a lot.

    By the way, your girlfriend is very photogenic and pretty. Pretty soon sheโ€™ll be taking over your channel lol

  12. Never been to Forth Santiago before. We always miss this historical place. Thanks for giving us a tour, wow, just like being there in person.

    1. The Spanish built both the the old forts in Florida and the ones in the Philippines.. ย 
      You can also find old mission churches in the Philippines that look a lot like the Alamo in San Antonio, Texas. Again.. the mission churches in the Philipines and in Mexico and Texas were all built by the Spanish.

  13. Hey I love your videos. My fiance is in Cebu City and I live and work in China. Wish I could be there but no money for foreign teachers. Would like to meet you when I’m.back this summer. I love The Philippines!

  14. WOW! Cebu…I have been there my friend..last year September…this brings up some memories….good ones and bad…My Girlfriend’s father passed away as we were there in 101 Horizon. She had to leave me along and go Home…that was my worst Month ever…I my self bought new ticket and left to Home…I couldn’t stay much longer in Cebu…

  15. when we were in 74 General Maxwell ave, Cebu 101 Horizon Cando, every morning me and Girl used to walk all the way upto the street at the Mall, eat there and even shope. That’s was very convenient to us because we didn’t used taxis too much…Except ayala Mall we had to take taxi…that was good…I missed those days…during September there wasn’t that Hot…

  16. Hi Reekay! I like your new music in the beginning and I’m glad you switched it up a little bit.

    Your girlfriend is a real sweetheart and it’s obvious that she really loves you! I’m glad for you and for her.

    By the way, Mike at Olvis Travel is doing a great job on the fiance Visa, so I appreciate you recommending him. I just submitted our application last week. Depending on the volume of applications and the time to process, May should be here by late summer!

    You were instrumental introducing me to the amazing qualities of filipinas and how to figure out a way to make it work! Thank you!

    1. Reekay’s LifeBeyondTheSea Ok. I guess that was the lady with kids? I thought you were seeing someone after her. I haven’t been able to keep up lately. Glad things are going well for you. After I get back settled in from my trip and comfortable with my job again, maybe I can catch up.

      On another note, my ex in the Philippines sent me an image of a letter from her homeowners association president informing them of a case of Corona virus from someone who didn’t travel but frequented a mosque (Green Hills San Juan) there. I think the name of the place is Cainta; I guess that’s the city. The guy is quarantined at RITM.

    2. i ended that way back around May of 2019. we were together for 3-months. at 46 years old, she was too set in her ways for me. plus she wanted to move to holland, which does not interest me at all. so we had an amicable parting.

  17. New subscriber here, hope u can help us grow our youtube channel… I really appreciate your SUBSCRIBE and views .. have a good day. Thanks

  18. You’ve got a great girl Henry…. Keep each other happy….
    Can I ask… how tall is she? I know southeast and Philippines women are on the cute short side..
    Take care… and thank you for your videos…. have Safe Flights and Happy Travels…

    1. i never checked, but about 5′ or 5’2″. most filipinas are under 5’5′, with a few exceptions. i once dated a filipina model (in cebu, married now) who was 5’9″ in flat sandals. but that is rare.

  19. Well done Reekay! Beautiful girl and you picked a nice place to spend the day. Hope your taking lot’s of vitamin D? You’ll need it. Can’t wait to go back to the Philippians. My sweetheart has a condo she never uses near Manila in one of those high rises. What are your thoughts of renting it out through Air-BnB? We live in So Cal and visit about once every three years. Occasionally one of her family members that live near by use the condo and keep it maintained. I think it’s a missed opportunity. Please let me know your thoughts. Thanks!

    1. if you have someone local (and responsible) to take care of any issues with renters.. that’d be a great idea.

      sometimes repairs are needed, or the renters lock themselves out, etc.

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