Checking Out A UniTop Store; Philippines – Part 2of2

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  1. Yah, I like the UniTop store. I mean, in instance when I needed a tea kettle.. the EXACT same one at the mall was $8 while at the UniTop I got it for $2. Either price is good, but why pay an extra $6 when you don’t have to? I get my cookware, utensils, linoleum and more there before I shop at the main mall. I have a video touring the ICM Mall in Bohol as well so you can compare what they look like.

  2. Love the “UniTop first” thrift strategy. Why not buy spatulas and buckets there and save the money for other things? It is being smart, not cheap. And I hope you didn’t leave the place without a light-up, kaleidoscopic Budha of your very own – lol!

    Is that UniTop unique to your piece of the planet or is it one of a chain that services the major population areas of the Philippines?

  3. I don’t know for sure how widespread they are, but I do know they are located in Lapu Lapu (Mactan) and also in Cebu as well as Bohol. So perhaps at the very minimum the Visaya area. I’m looking for a Buddha kaleidoscope but with a desktop waterfall to it. I know I’ll find one eventually. ha! Probably even glow in the dark. 🙂

  4. Believe it or not, this was a slow day. There are a few universities just blocks from the Unitop and BQ.. when school lets out.. Wow. Pretty Filipinas Everywhere.. like, every ten feet. It’s truly mind-boggling how beautiful so many of them are.

  5. Here they (Norwalk Cali) 99 cent store where I by brand name toothed past and soap etc.Why go to drug store or super market and pay $3 or $4. Same principal.

  6. Yep.. that’s the smart way to go. I read a great book years ago, “The Millionaire Next Door”, I think it was called. After the author interviewed hundreds of self-made millionaires it turned out their frugality is how they did it.. not by buying sports cars and jet skis. They bought cars 1-year old to save on the depreciated value. They waited on major purchases for big ticket items. They avoided ‘rich’ neighborhoods to live in. They did actually Owned what they have, not on credit.

  7. The Jollibee’s is down the block from BQ, you can’t miss it, ground floor. However, at the very top floor of the BQ is a place called WOK EXPRESS which has made-to-order food that is very good, kinda Japanese and they have a terrace that offers a great view of the harbor at sunset. (muy romantico, I took a girl there recently). Prices are good too, about 225P/person.

  8. They are a fairly large chain. I know there’s also one in Cebu, Mandaue and Lapu Lapu. This one I did the video of is located on Bohol. So they seem to be in many locales.

  9. You can virtually stock your home with all the daily necessities you need for $100 bucks, problem is, you’ll need help getting all those bags home hahaha. Mention was made about getting a good can opener, another thing you should spend money to get a good one is a kitchen knife, the cheap knives are flimsy and can’t cut a banana.

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