Checking On The Garden

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  1. I have unsubscribed to a few channels ( I can’t stand drama ) but will remain subscribed to your and Maricel’s channels .. I really enjoy your walks through the piggery ( even though Petunia is gone 😭 ) I love to see the new piglets .A person I really respected made a few videos advising about covid that not only did I not agree with , that doesn’t really matter that I don’t agree , but could cause people to take risks that put theirselves and others at risk ….I don’t get notified of new videos of people I’m subscribed to and just have to weed through crap .. so i just check your channel for new videos every day . Youtube has had updates that screwed things up really bad least for me …hope the garden woes get settled .. and the problem with the chickens also . I can’t grow crap ..not even house plants .. I have a few that I try to keep alive ..but who knows .. they may be dead tomorrow…lol .. 💕😊💕

  2. Keep going and live life Brian. I made it to the Philippines 2 weeks ago finally for retirement. As long as your family is fed, healthy and happy, life is still good.

  3. Hi Bryan next time you show the seeds make beds put ants powder to the beds before you put seeds in,wet lightly using a spray pan,cover the entire bed with a sheet of clear plastic,use rocks to hold plastic down,observe,when seeds start germinating remove plastic apply slug bait to prevent them eating them.If it is rainy season make covering to protect seedlings.

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