1. Much much better video than of late. Guess its going to be an uber stressful time until maybe some additional harvest and finding out where you really stand. As a suggestion, maybe have someone take a lot of hours of just no comment video on Gabriel and the guys at the pen. Then some edit and maybe time lapse. Very interesting stuff. Looks like the neighbors are moving fast on their pen. Best of luck, really hope the numbers pan out for y’all.

  2. Oh my gosh, Brian. Why would you ever say that.? Not giving a crap about living longer .So many of us in the west are dreaming about what you have been blessed with.

  3. Ah thanks Brian and Gabriel, all that swinging around also reminded me of my younger days.
    One time , after an all night 20 mile cross country navigation exercise in the military ( your version of the national guard), we had to go around an assault course( twice!) .
    Only problem it has been minus 17C durng the night , so all the water hazards had two inches of ice on them and all the ropes ect were frozen.
    Fortunately, unlike some poor souls, I made it thru, without taking a Bath!! LolπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜

    Notice the chinamans pen, looks so close, is that as big as it is going to be?, saw people working on it!

  4. When you dont exercise , stretch or do work you wont be able to do anything. My husband could climb those Mn and Wis, barns clear up till he died at 63 years old plus he had diabetics. He could out work most young men. They sure dont make them like they use to.

  5. We always used pvc pipe as a fish feeding hoop would it be feasible to make a circle with some using couplings that’s what we used on catfish ponds in Texas

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