Cheap Transportation

You really don’t need a car here because the transportation system is so cheap, why spend the money on a new or used vehicle. A taxi ride clear across Cebu will not run you more than around Php 300 way less than $10 bucks. But if you must have your own car, there is very cheap transportation to be had here. My suggestion is get hold of one of these “Multicab” these are surplus Japanese vehicles shipped to the Philippines for resale. There are everywhere here and parts are plentiful. You can buy one for under $5,000.

Multicabs are small economical vehicles with small 3 cylinder entines of 660cc, yet the get around just fine. Nearly every city in the Philippnies has a dealer for these vehicles and many do their own financing.



You could do what I did and buy a large SUV. Last year I bought a Ford Everest 2.5 Diesel absolutely love it. $34,000