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What’s been going on and what’s coming next @Paul in the Philippines Old Dog New Tricks
I Review various topics about inner island travel, Being in the hospital, buying a car, and plans for March


  1. I would tell you to look at bank repo’s. I bought my Hyundai from BDO here in Bacolod. It was less than a year old, under warranty. The savings was right at 40%, so it’s worth a look. Especially during this time of WuHuFlu.

  2. Hey Paul my name is Mike I’m from the US Orange county New York Love watching your show I think baby Mae is doing really good with her blog… Just want to comment on the car situation I think you’re better off getting a new car then a used one cuz you might have a lot of issues getting parts and hassles not worth the aggravation… Tell baby Mae to keep up the good work with her blog… She has a lot of beautiful girls on her blog I would love to meet maybe one day..

  3. I haven’t been to the Phils since 2018. My wife and son are heading that way in a week. I’m jealous. Kind of hoping I can make it there later this year. Need a break from work and I can use a vacation! Cheers. Enjoy your chats. I know it’s hot there now! We have been having snow here lately. Take care.

  4. Hey Paul my friend, I’m so happy that Jason is doing better. I will pray for for his speedy recovery. I think buying a car is a really good idea for traveling long distances. Are you going to teach baby Mae how to drive? That will be fun to see. I will always be a loyal subscriber to your channel and baby Mae’s channel my friend. I really can’t wait to get back to the Philippines so that I can buy you and baby Mae dinner. Love you both.❤️ Please stay safe and healthy and God bless you and baby Mae always.😊 😊 😊 ❤️ ❤️ ❤️

  5. Paul, I was surprised your friend didn’t have his lawyer double check everything. That’s my first rule of thumb. Will you use a lawyer for your car purchase? I’d really recommend it 🙏🙏🙏

  6. A LOT fewer hoops to jump through to come here to Indonesia than Thailand. And as a new update…there ARE age gap relationships here (at least in Bali). I won’t be rude and talk about the difference is body types between them and Filipinas because Filipina women are delightful.

  7. I think you are on the path to being a media mogul (smile).

    Speaking for myself, $1 USD per month (yes, I rounded up) seems like pretty good value, so I can tell you right now, I’m in regarding the new channel. Sounds intriguing.

    Buying a used car in the Philippines: When I did this, it wasn’t accident damage that stopped me from buying a particular car, it was the astounding amount of regular, basic maintenance that just simply is never done on most cars in the Philippines. As long as it’s still running, then there’s no reason to open the hood. Oil changes every 40,000 kilometers, that sort of thing. Also, you should DEFINITELY look for the tell-tale signs of flood damage. Lots of flooding in the Philippines….. Anyway, I’ve got my fingers crossed for you.

    Looking forward to seeing what’s on the new channel.

  8. Paul, I found this free site to do research on cars. Since you will soon be buying a used car. You use to be in the car business you probably already know about. I enjoy watching your videos, I am also retired and a little older than you. The site is: Good Luck, and take a close look at the Toyota’s. That would be my choice if the price us right.

    Stay Safe,

    (from Texas)

  9. Paul,., When i was looking at used cars in The Philippines and Thailand in the past, it seem that used cars hold their value more than the States. As you know used cars in the U.S. lose their value by almost half after 4-5 years. When you shop for use cars, you will see that the price doesn’t drop that much.

  10. Hey Paul
    I know you’ve got not only plenty on your to do list, and also quite a few ideas for your channel, but could please think about another update on the cost of living in the Philippines ? It is my understanding from watching some other people, that the costs have really gone up over the last year, and I just like to compare your current budget to some of your older ones. It would give me the best idea of what to bring if and when I finally get the chance. Thanks in advance.
    Be well, be safe and always have fun

  11. Great Update Paul On Jason I Donated to his Go fund page aswell!! Glad hes doing alot better I was worried about him being stuck in hospital for a long time glad he can get out soon Your A Great Guy And Friend to have I know he will try and pay you back when on his feet again. I would for sure haha.. if it was me.
    Anyways keep making videos of any kind I Love You And Maes Channel I’ m Going to send you a fb mail helping you boost up your channel and Baby Maes Channel so You Both Can earn extra funds for both channels ect I’ll send info tonight for you on fb. Take care buddy Michael YT Admin) And Your Friend.

  12. ASQ in BKK hotel equals locked in room for 14 days while all meals are delivered to your door. On day 10 you get a 2nd Covid-19 test and if that is negative, you get a few hours where you can visit the pool and gym but not restaurants and not allowed to leave until day 14. Not all hotels are ASQ certified and a 14 day stay at one is quite expensive.

  13. We don’t watch to see Paul in the Philippines…..we watch to see the Old Dog with New tricks. You can post anything you want, why set limits because the name of your channel? Do your thing chicken wing!

  14. Your a very layed back Yter (Lazy)
    Some would say but I get it…..
    2 things. The private videos. I feel your over thinking it Paul. Start a patreon like one of your fellow Filipino youtuber (pea)
    Or use those videos start another channel and upload them there, Simply. As for not replying to comments and also not adding link below (that your bad at doing) your words 🤷‍♂️. Another easy situation.You got baby mae her channel. It started up nicely.
    Have her either on your phone or PC and comment for you. Like she do on hers. I say this cause according to you, These funds are for her….So the time you feeling burnt out or to layed back (lazy) not to comment, add links… Have your business partner do the mini leg work.

  15. The ASQ hotels in Thailand are strictly enforcing rules that for the first week or so you are confined to your room and meals are delivered to your door. It can be difficult to book a room with a balcony as these are booked solid, as most people hate being in a room you can’t get out. After a week if your tested negative you can go to a special area of the hotel to walk about, but your not allowed to use the pool. There’s loads of You Tube vlogs with all the info, and all the other hoops to jump through!

  16. Hey Ol Dog, thanks for the updates with Jason. The guys sure deserves a break.
    Prayers to all that donated time, effort, money and especially with the ongoing treatment. Well done and amazing what happens when there are no politics invoked.
    Love your PSA’s 👍✌️🙏

  17. It’s smart to wait a month before doing the travel thing for the reasons you mentioned as well as the fact that EVERYONE will rush the gates to travel within the PI after being locked up for so long. I hope that things work well and we get this COVID thing under control.

  18. Yeah he needs separate documents not on the same sheet of paper one doc fit to fly and one doc negative covid test to be done 72 hr before flight thats the window they gave me in the UK 🇬🇧

  19. Yes I’m going end of March from the UK. The fit to fly best getting from a surgery that is signed off by a doctor as well as the swap test. The ASQ hotel you get locked in the room until after the first test 5 days after that you are let out of your room for 1 hour walk around designated area, no pool is allowed or any visits to restaurant. You are then taken back to your room, and you are allowed out daily on request . I have a 4 star hotel booked in Pattaya 35k bhat, but be warned guys there is so much paperwork and insurance, visas, Coe, you won’t get much change out of 2.5 thousand pounds !! And that’s before you start you hols !!

  20. Yo old dog, smile, when you going to get Born again? God needs your heart to spread good news of Messiah Yehoshua so many get saved and sealed with authentic love from Daddy God … Eternity coming quickly for all of us … We need a good lawyer and Savior before standing before our scheduled tribunal … Ephesians 2:8-9 … Praying for you and your friends [✓] …

  21. Great to hear Jason is doing better. Good luck with finding a used Car for a fare price. So many people are selling cars that aren’t there’s “a middle person so to speak”. Always have May do the texting 💬. I personally had a difficult time.

  22. I suggest your friend contacts Dr Donna for Fit-to-Fly cert – cost approximately $12. I’ve heard of two people who did so and successfully entered Thailand with it.

  23. I know someone there now and he is not allowed out of his 5 star room for 14 days It is a little pricey. I am getting vaccine tomorrow and will wait

  24. BI did post that no more 14 day Quarantines… Caveat, LGUs are still in charge of final determination. I still have 14 day Q in Bacong on Mar 1😬

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