Change of Plans – Tourist Free Thailand Tour Episode 2

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Good news and bad news.

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  1. Nice road trip even though it didn’t work out. Quick question: Are there any wild tigers left in Thailand. Is it safe to travel far like you did on a small scooter?

  2. I cancelled my 2 week July trip to Pattaya due to “the situation”. I was able to change my flight and hotel reservations for October/November. Do you think I’ll need to cancel and rebook my flight and hotel reservations? Or do you think I’m good for Oct/Nov? I really don’t want to reschedule my vacation. I need to get out of the US and head to Pattaya again soon!

  3. Oh well that was a stuff up , i would be going back to that hotel and giving the hotel receptionist the shits as all your plans were stuffed up . Nice ride and trip through the jungle anyway 🙂

  4. I think we all enjoyed the video. I only wish you can imagine what the rest of here are doing in “States” & how much it sucks to us vs you right now. My flight got canceled or I’d be right there w/ you (not here). I wish, wish, wish I’d have gotten stuck there (instead of here) right now. Watching this video and the weeks past: you’re actually in a really good place ! Keep up the good work; the videos give me something to look forward at the end of my day !

  5. The one place I most definitely wouldn’t wander in to have a piss in Thailand would be a Rubber plantation… mainly because that’s where all the snakes hangout Chad!

  6. Thanks for the video it was still full of great content and coming on the roller coaster i feel your pain and have felt your pain before 🙂 … whats the saying pain and pleasure come together like yin and yang lol

  7. lol, the cubicle workers mostly work from home right now…

    I desparately want to travel like this again in Canada or in Thailand…

  8. Chad [On the edge of a rubber plantation]: I found a path to a jungle!

    Great video, dude. Looking forward to the next ones. Personally, I’m loving Bangkok with no tourists. I have some of my favorite places literally to myself. Sucks for the people/businesses though…

  9. Hi Chad another good vlog, good advice you mention re not leaving your passport,also re bike rental hopefully you check the lights as after driving in Thailand for 6 years lost count of many bikes mostly with no tail lights and headlights non existent. Safe travels bud

  10. If that national park shit frustrates you, NEVER I mean NEVER decide to live in China.

    PS that whole FACE thing, that’s China in a nutshell.

  11. It’s all good Chad. Sucks when plans don’t come together but you got to ride through some pretty cool countryside. Hopefully this “situation” will settle down and things will open up. All the best. Mitch

  12. If you have a Thai drivers license and are staying for a while just hand your passport over you’ll get it back. Very trustworthy ppl in Thailand. Just don’t mess up the bike. Always take the bike on a test ride before you rent.

  13. Hey Chad, really enjoy all your videos as I also travel ’by the seat of my pants’. I was at Khao Sok National Park last year. Totally worth it to visit when you get another chance. Although it’s Not quite off the beaten path anymore (tourism has discovered it). I stayed at the Silver Cliff Resort. Well worth it and Away from the rest of the tourists traps. Talking about pants, I have always traveled with a pair of ‘convertible’ pants. It can be either shorts or be converted to long pants. I love Thailand and hope to make it my second home someday…… it’ll be awesome to meet up in BKK someday and compare notes. 👍

  14. Chad, I’m sure you’ve answered this at some point/somewhere, but how do you navigate those Thailand roads? We never see a GPS or phone while you’re driving. How is broadband coverage in Thailand?

  15. gday chad,i usually watch food travel videos like mark wiens but got hooked on yours 2 months ago mainly because of the random stuff you film -love it when you get lost as we all do it when overseas.I love se asia -cant wait to travel again For some reason you remind me of tom green- ha ha

  16. Totally get the bike thing. Especially when you’re dealing with shops that you have no relationship with. I regularly rent from a shop in HH b180 no deposit but they know me and they know where I stay. Loved the ‘piss’ stop.

  17. I love the video and how it’s spontanious! I know what you have been trough,.. been there, done that as well.. for several times
    in Thailand!.. and still, i love that counrty! 😉 hope to visite Thailand next year

  18. I’m in phangan at the moment and was on samui last month. You can get new style bikes for 100 to 150 so look out for that when you get here

  19. Chad hit me up I am in koh Samui I no you like do your own thing but like to show you places and sleeping budda 0897997643 matt

  20. Chad I would love to ride a bike in Thailand or Cambodia, I visit almost every year but have never ridden a bike before, ever! Besides all the great advice re taking photos of the bike before hiring it etc what would be the best three tips of advice you could give me regarding safely getting around on one without killing myself Lol. I’ve been to Koh Chang a few times and got put off by seeing an ambulance rushing by every few hours to pickup tourists off the side of the road who have had accidents on their bikes. I’d really love to get off the beaten track and explore and riding a bike would be freakin’ awesome.

  21. 6:40 tree humping are ya?…suck it up buttercup…it’s still a great video even though the park was closed…ya had a nice place to stay and cold beer in a great place…be positive!

  22. Loving the videos! Enjoy Samui again bro. It rocks! But beware! Girls will lie to you there too “I no hap boyflen!” “You hap sweep mauf!” “No, really, you didn’t pay me last night after drinking 17 Leos, 1500 please babe kaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa 🙏”

  23. The saw going off
    That was a classic
    At least you have a cold beer
    This is the funniest video yet
    Chin up chad
    Great video yep come back next month
    At least you got to the end without the saw guy going off again 👍👍😂😂😂

  24. If you need to pee in the public area, you need to say “Excuse me and sorry to bother you, I need to relieve myself at this spot. Hope you don’t mind”. This is an Asian culture and superstitious.

  25. I was excited to see the park, but I’ll be just as excited to see Koh Samui again. You are an excellent story teller, and even though your trip has not gone as planned, I’ve enjoyed the videos and you can still make us all laugh. Sorry, not sorry. Onward!

  26. You said the girl made a call to some one about the national park and said it was open. It’s not her fault. You are a guess in Thailand and in many occasions you’ve made comments about things that you didn’t like about Thailand and the people. On this one you also said you didn’t like it and that you were tired of it. So go back to the US and get the fuck out of Thailand!!! Every country has good and bad things . If you are so smart make your own damm researched and stop counting on other people. Plus learn how to speak Thai since you’re been living in Thailand for several years now if you give a shit about Thailand then learn .

  27. Hey Chad, like you say…it’s not the getting there, it’s the things that surround the getting there…who knows what doors will open on the journey….Great vid mate, I wish I could be there doing the same thing….

  28. It is no need to go trough Khao Sok National Park to get to the lake. You can go to the lake directly. It is call Cheow Lan Lake (or Dam). Just ask to go to the pier. The girl told you the truth that it is open. The lake is part of the area and full of private raft bungalows and hotels.

  29. Chad you so make me wanna visit thailand. fellow petrol head and biker who will visit this beautiful country due to your channel. Awesome job keep up the good work.

  30. Chad, they know you’re coming & that’s why drastic proactive actions have to be taken for you@@ Oops I mentioned too early, too soon 🙁

  31. Chad: sorry for the chaos..but I am enjoying the scenery. Anything you do, whether forced or voluntary, is interesting to me. Thanks for the videos!

  32. ความผิดของผู้หญิงคนนั้นเหรอ? ในเมื่อเค้าโทรถามแล้ว ต้องถามว่าโทรไปที่ไหนถึงได้ข้อมูลมาผิด มันไม่เกี่ยวกับsave face

  33. Still watching i found this as entertaining as all your vids and oh yeah and i know about that saving face, my wife used to do it but has not done it for a long time as she knows how daft it is ,because if you do what the girl did at the hotel if you don’t tell the truth by saying i don’t know instead of saving face you make yourself look more stupid than if you had just told the truth, keep em coming Chas cos my wife likes them vids aswel.

  34. I never trust Thai staff from Hotels or else for whatever infos they are giving me, i was always double checking from other sources (mostly internet) when i was traveling Thailand.

  35. Hi Chad. Just a heads up on National Parks reopening. Its likely there will be limited number of people allowed entry and only Thai nationals will allowed for now. Example Srinakarin Dam National Park already announced this.

  36. Well, you stood in thailand for a while, so you _know_ they work this way.
    Official statements says they will open on 1st of July. Well, dont bet on that, but lets hope for the best.
    You still started on a journey on some weak info, which might not be true.
    Is here a problem? No, if you are prepared for the worse.
    You had a nice ride, breath taking scenery, nice bungallow, cold beer. Enjoy the “sunny” side of Thailand. (I know, it is cloudy and rainy lately, we had rain yesterday and today almost all day)
    Btw i stuck in laos for 3 months now, prior staying in thailand over 10 years.
    So i know what you are talking about, but you have to accept the people as is, and always double check any info they are giving to you. (And no, DONT give high hopes on good news which is favourable by you, just because you _want_ to believe they are true)
    Have a nice time in southern Thailand!

  37. If you had more time ya might find a better deal but 300 for a new bike is about right especially only for a few days. I always try and validate for myself after being caught in the same situation a few times , even my girlfriend will say ” No problem ” then we get to a place and big problem because she was going on info from ten years ago LOL . It’s a weird cultural thing but hey I love the culture and the people and life is never perfect anywhere so… Loved the scenery so far , Cheers !

  38. She didn’t lie. Some parks open, some still closed. The news headline probably said National parks will be open. We are in the middle of a pandemic, expect the unexpected.

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