Cebu Mountain View Park & Lantaw Restaurant – Philippines

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  1. I was there summer of 1996. It was terribly humid and muggy. I have to bath, change shirts, jockeys, pants and short pants everyday. I stayed for a week and 2 days in Bohol and traveled west to Boracay. Where the weather was cooler. That was the time, when it wasn’t crowded and the water was cleaner. It’s good to know the seasons to travel. Great scenery. Great video. Enjoy and have fun.

  2. Hey, Henry it seems that you are gaining weight again and those buddies of yours are cute and hot. Enjoy and be careful and love to see more of your videos.

  3. Wow I love Mango Shakes. The place looked really clean but deserted. Was this the off season or ?? The transportation cost seemed extreme to me. $14 for the taxi. Did you say they don’t use the meter when going there? I thought they were making that a law that they had to. Perhaps other transportation options like buses or Jeepneys are not available. The girls looked like they were having fun and enjoying the trip with you. They probably couldn’t afford going there on their own.

  4. They really work the whole “it’s uphill” angle. I could have argued, gotten in and out of 4 or 5 taxis but instead I wanted to get going so we settled on 500P instead of 600P. Got way over-charged. They both have jobs but use their money towards helping their parents so, I’m always glad to have their company and cover costs whenever we get the chance to hang out.

  5. Yep.. ever since I got the scooter and stopped my 6km walks through the jungle for groceries, I been putting the weight back on. I really gotta Zumba or do something. ha! Kris and Carla are wonderful, we’ve been buddies for about a year now.

  6. Well, the taxi driver way over-charged me by about 100% so, screw him, no tip for him. Other tips, usually 50P to 100P depending on how nice the place is, quality of service, etc.

  7. We were there on a Wednesday afternoon so, it’s pretty slow during that time. Most people go on the weekends. There are two larger restaurants being constructed up there so, it gets lots of people. To avoid the crowds go during the week. ūüôā

  8. Just a hint. Never go out with more than one girl. It usually means that she isn’t in to you and just wants a day out where you pay. Better to meet a girl only after dinner time for drinks. If she agrees its a good sign she wants to play.

  9. I agree. Kristine (the taller one) has been just a buddy for the last year. We don’t date, we just hang out once in while. When I’m actually dating, I only allow a chaperon the first date, not after. But with courting, I’ll meet the whole family.

  10. i love the mountains of the Philippines, how old are those girls?? Lol.. they are cute, maybe it’s a big deal for them to eat at a restaurant like that because that’s big money for many Filipina.. What are they speaking it doesn’t sound like Tagalog?…

    1. @LifeBeyondTheSea – Philippines ohh i know, i had a filipinas gf who was 45 but looked 28, another who was 25 and look 16…¬† Anyways looks like you’re enjoying life there and that’s what it’s all about, look at the best of what a another society has to offer..

    2. They’re speaking Visayan which is what’s used there in Cebu. ¬†They’re both good friends of mine, both over 21. ¬†Filipinas don’t always look their age, or most Asians for that matter.

    1. Hey i know you from somewhere John haha…i just found this vid from LBTS and found it the most entertaining!
      Been to that spot a few times…thanks for the great vid LBTS !

    2. When I am at the pier, it’s really bad. ¬†I’ve walked away from at least 4 taxis because they won’t agree to the meter. ¬†But up in the Cebu mountain they kinda have you cornered.. it’s a long walk down. ¬†Same happens with boats to/from Malapascua, a 50p ride gets inflated to 500p. ¬†Best bet, in town, is catch a taxi from the mall.. they always use the meter.

  11. You would love Tagaytay overlooking Laguna Lake and Taal Volcano and also Baguio city. A city on top of a mountain.
    Baguio City
    mines view park st bernard dog
    Last day of 2011 in Baguio
    Baguio affordable eats (Feb-19-2013).mp4

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