Cebu Downtown, Quick Look Around – Part 1of2

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  1. Hey Henry! Glad to see another vid from you. You’ve been silent for a few days! Glad to see the ghosts in the jungle didn’t getcha on that night walk you do, LOL.

  2. Cool! I always enjoy your videos & the articles on the main site too. Hopefully after you get that motorcycle you will shoot some in other parts of Bohol ( HINT 😀 ) I have been reading up on some of the towns around the coast & they sound pretty interesting. Some of the other, smaller islands do too. Your our “Man on the Ground” Henry! Have fun & keep letting us know what you find.

  3. Update: Now that I have my wheels I can cruise around and show more of the local areas on Bohol. Still working on a decent helmet cam fixture. 🙂

  4. Hello Henry, Next time na when you are in Cebu City i am wondering if you could a video clip while on top of the hotel called Crown Regency. Opo they have a sky walk adventure i have seen a few video clips in youtube… 

    1. Oh I see buddy you are paranoid about the heights. Where do they do the skydiving in Cebu city and is there a airplane that goes to Clark from Cebu? If there’s  one maybe you could video clip the two former U.S. bases.

    2. @lowie lucero i’ve been meaning to do that.. but i am SO incredibly paranoid about heights.  ha!  strangely enough, i had no problem with skydiving.

    1. @LifeBeyondTheSea – Philippines thats good, the most spoken language in the philippines is tagalog … so learning tagalog will be beneficial to u ..also, there are filipinos when they see foreigners , they ask for money lool so be wise how u spend ur money in the php =)

      the way we count numbers in bisaya is the same as spanish…uno , dos tres,etc

    2. @lalagirl211 not difficult at all.  most everyone here knows some english so it works out well.  but i do want to learn visayan.

  5. I notice that the sidewalks and streets seem in better repair than here in Mexico. You cannot walk anywhere here wthout looking down every few seconds….

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