Cebu City: *Update#6* Lockdown very close to where I live.

I give an update on the situation here in Cebu City. An area within walking distance to my place is locked down for a few weeks, will this area be next ?

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  1. With very limited COVID19 testing in Cebu, I think the hand washing, face mask, social distancing, self isolation and disinfecting is more helpful in controlling the spread of the virus. But how long can we last if there is no work in sight?

  2. It’s a very nice area. Looking at this some retirees might think the whole city is like this. I call them the millionaire ghettos in Cebu.
    The DOH numbers is ridiculous. They have very limited testing. Who knows how many people are really infected?

  3. I think the call centers pay a little bit better than $8 a day. It’s more like $16 to $24 a day which is still is a lot cheaper wage per hour than the US.

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