Cebu City: *Update#3* Enhanced Community Quarantine.

Walking around IT Park on Maundy Thursday to try to find a restaurant that is open.

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  1. Cebu City is always deserted during holy week. Everyone goes home to the province. It’s always quite somber at this time of the year. Too bad the Visita Iglesia is not happening this year due to COVID19. The local city dwellers visit 7 churches walking around the city. It usually happens in the evening of Holy Thursday. The church transfers their main altar on the side altar with unique designs, lighting and decorations. It’s an event I look forward to every holy week in Cebu. Walking, praying the rosary and singing as the devotees move from one church to another. The visitation is a sign of penitence and sacrifice for Jesus. Visiting 7 churches by walking is only possible in Metro Cebu since there are Catholic churches within a radius of 5 kilometers.

  2. Im from cebu and thats place now is so damn beautiful peacefull no cars no traffic beautiful skyline beautiful buildings green area its look like america now

  3. One off your new subscriber’s like your info and opinions and concerns for the phillopinos shows you have a heart for them , so thanks a lot.
    By the way you owe it to Gio but I will keep on following you bcz what I see first time gives me hope for the future

  4. Hello Asia Unscripted. I have been silently watching your vlogs strolling around the beautiful IT Park. And we live in the same condo! Lol..

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