Cebu City Philippines Drive: Osmeña Blvd, Colon Street, Downtown Cebu April 2020

Cebu City Philippines Drive: Osmeña Blvd, Colon Street, Downtown Cebu April 2020

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  1. Hey Chris… To add insult to injury, there was an hour long brown out over here in Lagtang, Talisay City.. I know an hour doesn’t sound bad, but you know how it is.. When it first went off, I was right in the middle of cooking fried fish, you are scrambling for your emergency light, you don’t know the duration, and I’m thinking it is going to be off when we go to bed, it starts getting hot as hell… Are you kidding me… Take care man, I hear no new cases in Cebu…

    1. My place turns into a hotbox when the electric goes out, can’t stand it. Thankfully that doesn’t happen very often. I’m pretty sure there’s only been 1 new case in Cebu over the last 4 or 5 days, that’s not too bad. Mass testing is supposed to be starting soon so we’ll have to see what happens with that. Take care Bruce and stay safe.

  2. Hi mate, I was going to wish you and Girls happy Easter 🐣 But it is not very happy with this virus shit. God bless you and the girls and have a good easter

  3. @Chris…Why did you shop at Colonnade Mall for grocery? Are the supermarkets near your area closed such as the Robinsons Fuente Supermarket, Fooda Supermarket, One Pavillion Supermarket, Supermarket in Soho?

    1. I read somewhere that Super Metro would be open at 6am so I went to check it out a little after 6 but that wasn’t the case. Colonnade was the only place open at that time. The stores by me don’t open up till later in the day.

    1. Just across the Mexican border, the vendors are desperate for a sale. We can only cross the border if it’s essential (medicine or a doctor).

  4. I am also in lock down in Houston, Texas. It is boring, but your video really makes my day. I missed my home province and the feeling of wanting an up-date about the pandemic there really hungers my emotion. Thank you for spending time to give us this up-date.I really appreciate it and I share your video with all my Facebook friends. They want an up-date too.

    1. Yeah, it’s pretty desolate here these days compared to the norm. Hopefully things will get back on track soon. Thanks for watching Roger.

  5. Very cool and smooth video…Love the ambience of the slow ride downtown with the shades of late aftrenoon or early morning? Awesome music selection…calling us to chill in these challenging times..Great alternative from your original format..👍👍👍

    1. Thanks, glad you enjoyed the video. When I go to different parts of the city I’ll try to do some more like this. Thanks for watching 👍

  6. @ 1:02 “…nobody on the road, nobody on the beach 🏝 i feel it in the air that summer’s out of reach, empty lake, empty streets, the sun 🌆🌅 goes down alone…”

    thoroughly enjoying these driving vlogs 👍

  7. Considering how many Filipinos are hungry with no income now and there’s a lot of them because in typical Philippine government fashion relief is not getting to most people if ever. I think a more Somber Music may be in order!

    1. I was thinking the same thing but couldn’t find any copyright free apocalyptic music so smooth jazz will have to do this time around. There’s enough doom and gloom going around these days anyway, may as well try to keep it a bit light-hearted.

  8. Only for the CEBUphiliacs , both local and foreign, Chris’ street by street driving account.
    0:30 on Don Juan Llorente Street 01:24 Osmena Blvd (OB) Eastbound 02:35 Arlington Pond
    03:14 Lim Tian Tem St 04:06 F Ramos St (FRS) – Westbound 04:43 RainTree Mall 06:01 Back to FRS-Eastbound 06:23 Back to Arlington Pond 06:49 Back to OB-Westbound 08:08 Back to OB-Eastbound 10:03 OB cor PdelRosario(PdR) 10:54 OB cor Colon 11:55 D Jakosalem St(DJS)-Westbound 12:54 Colon-Southbound 13:28 Chris’ Fave Mart 13:53 Inside Colonnade Mart 14:14 Back on the road Colon-Northbound 15:25 DJS-Westbound 16:48 DJS cor PdR 17:59 Echavez Ext (Cogon Ramos) 18:31 FRS-Westbound 19:43 Arlington Pond 20:21 OB-Westbound 21:31 Back on Don Juan Llorente St and to Home Sweet Home. So, how many times did Chris pass by the Osmena Circle? Thanks, Chris. Good job as always. Stay safe, you and the girls.

  9. I remember the times I would walk here for no apparent reason, I miss walking here, working from home for a month now and it feels like a year now.

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