Cebu City: *MECQ Update 7/20/20* Government to allow more foreigners to return to the Philippines.

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  1. Hi Jason, great to see another video update! Glad you are well. I really enjoy your videos for “selfish reasons” since I spent so much time over the years in CBP. Sad to see the effects of the lockdowns but nice to see your walking videos. Thanks again for your time and efforts creating these videos, stay safe!

  2. We are expected to go to Cebu in November, my partner is a PH-citizen, but i am not. It’s so difficult with all the new information all the time regarding allowing tourists, so far our flights are still confirmed but you never know until the week before departure if Cebu will allow international flights/tourists. Should we just expect that we most likely will not be able to travel to Cebu?!🤔😏

  3. Thank you for the update! can you film the Malls again? It would be very helpful for us that live outside the city so that we can prepare the requirements needed. Thank you!

  4. Jason I have a flight from davao to Cebu tomorrow and I was wondering if you know if it’s possible to take the boats over to bohol from Cebu or mactan under these conditions? If they’re open / operational? My wife and I are trying to get over to panglao. Any info would be super appreciated


    i thought you’re heading to AYALA

    i just would like to see if Samsung’s open

    since the ECQ lockdown, i’d been thinking of buying an extra powerbank, or a brand new smartphone

    who knows there might be another lockdown …

    so, i should better be prepared

    smartphone today is akin to life

  6. Nice information! I am still here in Cebu CIty after arriving into quarantine March 20th. Have you heard how I renew/extend my visa? It expired April 17th and I have not been able to reach BI or anywhere else.

  7. I’m trying to get my mom here. I hope they open the tourist visa. Thank you for the info. I hope they allow her soon. Im getting tired of the corona and the BS lol

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