Cebu City: *GCQ Update 6/4/2020* I.T. Park ———— Landers

I take a midday walk from I.T. park down to Landers Superstore. I give a small update on how the GCQ is going on and the transportation challenges that are currently going on.

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  1. So you haven’t been able to leave IT Park since the start of lockdown, oh boy, I should be in the Philippines now but because of the virus I’ve been staying in Thailand and so glad I did, we’ve always been able to travel the whole area of Pattaya and now anywhere in the country, the Baht buses have always been running which was great, hope things get better for you!

  2. 6:03 Jason all the travel certificates were a complete joke..I went through hell and exposed myself to catching covid when I took the sweeper flight out of Cebu May 26th, the only thing you might need is the travel letter from the US embassy, but they didn’t even check that at the checkpoints to get to the airport. Every non-filipino on the flight back to the USA complained about the ridiculous hoops they made us jump through that were worth noting because all they wanted was our plane ticket, there was no rapid testing and the only place they checked your temperature was at the Manila airport before you go inside, they checked NOTHING at Mactan airport!

  3. Missed you yesterday.. we were there yesterday, lol. Landers is great just your membership card and Temperature required. You walked back ? Gotta watch what u really need that u have to walk back

  4. Thank’s for providing us with the latest and the greatest new information going on in Cebu City. Great Job with the video !!

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