Cebu City: *ECQ Update 6/24/2020* Quarantine passes cancelled? Can we still go out?

We have a special “at home” edition where I talk about the tightening of the screws as far as the lockdown is concerned, the cancellation of our passes to go out and other updates.

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  1. Don’t worry Dude it’s only the beginning of the Change and there is a serious need ! a Total local is coming soon ! Some peoples say by this Friday no one allowed on a street !! ! it’s time to make it happen because the circus Circus cebu management style have enough lasted😅 ! so it take whats it take but the think as to be Enforced ! The Retired General will make the Impacts ! Seat down and watch 🇵🇭👍👍👍

  2. Thanks for the update. Over at the Metro at Ayala Central Bloc, there was a line stretching to the street at noon. Took me 1 1/2 hours to get in, but all of the registers were open and I got out fairly quickly…..The line was the same length when I left. The release of the announcement last night could have been handled a little better. Dropping the announcement and adding “Details to follow” lead to some unnecessary panic online.

  3. Hello again. Just a note about the happening in Cebu City. I listened to your video and was wondering if you saw the letter from the PNP to every office of theirs. The last sentence of the letter states” so only APOR and essential workers can be seen on the streets. If found the person is to be arrested and put into a makeshift jail, they are looking for a large gymnasium for it starting on Friday. It was on Facebook. If you have not seen it or if you cannot find it i will try to give you a copy.

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