Cebu City Drive: Landers & SM City Mall ECQ Day 19, April 2020

Cebu City Drive: Landers & SM City Mall ECQ Day 19, April 2020

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  1. Chris, another great video from your car. Thanks. Can I ask how long can one drives with a foreign driver’s license there before converting to Filipino license?

  2. A virtual out and about. I needed that. Not having a car, it was a kind of an orientation too. Thanks Chris. At 17:20 at the Juan Luna Ave Ext. and Central Nautical Highway intersection after passing SM City, you were 2 blocks from where we live.

  3. Hi Chris and All. Late notification or I would have been there. Great drive. Not sure why it is so much easier to see everything in a video but not when I am actually in a car? Love the music – now I wonder – are Filipinos really part Italian? Would explain a lot 🙂 Thanks Chris!

  4. Chris in Cebu, my fellow walker and favorite friend, I am always happy to witness and observe the contents you upload to the Youtube platform. Each time, it is filled with too many pleasures and successes for my eyeballs to absorb.

  5. This brings a lot of nostalgia. My mom and I used to stay at The Elegant Circle Inn at the traffic circle. And we’d shop at Robinson’s and the mall a lot. Cherishing times. May I use some of this footage for a future music video – way down the line though

  6. Very nice Chris, I have walking driving this roads for more than 10years. Now nice to see the new development, only one thing, it’s fill not real, no people, but make the ride enjoyable. Take care.

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