Cebu City Drive: Capitol Site to City Di Mare South Road Properties 2020

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Cebu City Drive: Capitol Site to City Di Mare South Road Properties 2020

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  1. Sorry I haven’t responded to comments recently but I’m still in the process of getting internet set up at the new place, hopefully soon πŸ™‚

  2. I hate music videos.πŸ˜‚..but , good to see the traffic flow although same as usual drivers..😎..gonna pickup my spare car from the port tomorrow, much better than taxi everywhere.😁.

  3. I miss my pinas. I miss. Itbso much. Nut I guess she has to wait cause. Goimg back tobmy otjer. Mother land that. I.havent seen. Scince. I.was a kid. Thats. What. Happends. When. You. Think you have everythimg about. Youre life. On where. You gonna retire. The family. Has the last say the motherland im going back to is on my mother side im going to Ecuador. Im hace ecuadorean half. Dominican but. Born in new York city. But. I guess. My heart says. To return. To. My childhood. Stomping grounds ill make not only magic videos. But ill show. This side of the world. Tbis is a. Game changer. For me but I wont be alone. Ill be communicating sith a lot of Filipino. That. Lived in ecuador what you. Maybe ill. Have my own. Girlfriend back home. And settle and. Another. Note Theres an iglesia ni cristo where is my faith at. So. Its like beign in the philippimes but im soutjamerica lol mow I dont have to fly 14 straight. To. Be in Manila. closer to home

  4. Oh that’s a little church on your street , across from where the roosters are . Beside the sari sari store? God bless everyone during these China virus times .

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