Cebu City: “Community Quarantine” 3/22/2020

We are under a “Community Quarantine” here in Cebu. I talk a little bit about what that means and the current situation on the ground.

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  1. You didn’t get it quite right. Cebu is on a ‘COMMUNITY QUARANTINE’ which means people can still go out of the house without being asked. Public transport such as taxis, buses and PUJs can still operate as you noticed. Though malls are ordered closed, the city officials still allow supermarkets or groceries, pharmacies, pawnshops, money exchange centers, flea markets to open along with government offices and other establishments such as restaurants. A lockdown is where you should stay home. No public transports allowed to operate as well as all shops without exemptions just like what they do now in Metro Manila and most of Luzon regions.You don’t find it here in Cebu. Although people are advised not to go out as often as they used to be before the covid outbreak.

  2. There were many PUJ drivers (about 90) in Cebu last week got apprehended after their own passengers texted the city officials about the violation of social distancing. PUJ drivers don’t need to get as much as many passengers or full capacity because the city already promised them a daily allowance and food packs.

  3. All shops in IT Park normally are open 24/7. Some of them now operate on specified hours of the day and mostly cater to take-out orders only while some chose to close temporarily as some of their workers might have opted not to work out of fear.

  4. Here in the Bay Area people are not following Shelter In Place. Though most of work places are closed people go the beach to socialized but they were asked instead to leaved by the residences living near the beach. Governor Newsome was not happy about it and ordered all the parks and recreation closed.

  5. All these measures PH is doing to stop virus is totally pointless if they are letting sit in restaurants and sit on packed Jeepneys and buses. Complete waste of time

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