Cebu City Budget Hotel Philippines: Adelfa Hotel Cheap & Great Location

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Cebu City Budget Hotel Philippines: Adelfa Hotel Cheap & Great Location

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  1. now ……this time…its a QUALITY VIDEO!!! not the same walking in the back alley and the same mall everytime. Keep up the good work bro@ I like the test of INTERNET everytime you check in at a hotel…that is what every foolish reviewers in the Phillippines …..HELLO!!

  2. Thanks, I think the owner of this is same owner of Ala King restaurant right next corner by Chong hua. Chris are you in trouble your house is next block from this area. Hope everything is ok. I grew up on this area. Thanks again

  3. Thanks for sharing I’ll bookmark the site. You don’t need a hotel in a restaurant. The one I stayed at in Manila was within walking distance to a McDo’s also you can order honestbee and get food delivered. I used honestbee in Manila, maybe you could do a review of HonestBee.PH . You can do a video and you wouldn’t even have to leave home!

  4. I fly into the Phils every year for 6 Months. last time used Mactan In Cebu. I stay on Biliran. more people in 1/2 of cebu than whole island of Biliran. $22 is okay. I kept a hotel in Naval cost me 9000 a month. with solar electricity so black outs were no worries.

  5. Pretty good 1st review there sir! Glad to see you venturing out into rod of amazing filipines “bread n butter” (so to speak). Hehe…only Rod really goes into the details (and now you) about where to stay in cebu. Don’t know why this is considering where to stay is a pretty big concern, if not, anxiety provoking, for those of us planning to vacation/retire in the islands 🙂

  6. Hello Chris, and lovely family
    Marvelous as always! Thanks for sharing this great and professional evaluation video, it was very thorough and balanced… Best regards/Ned

  7. When the crazy nut job the chair stayed in cebu he said he owned the condo when he rented it for a few days it’s called romas tower s trying doing a review there on romas street off of Robinson area

  8. That’s what I was looking for 🙂 well done. It was cleaner than I expected from reading multiple hotel reviews in the area. The price difference between Agoda and walk-in is quite large, Didn’t expect that either. Location references helped too.

  9. great vid. man 👍 very informative…..quick ❓ question though: “the upgraded rooms which cost more, do they have refrigerator?” think i’ll need a fridge to stay there

  10. I noticed breakfast meals were 65 pesos outside and 100 inside. I like breakfast outdoors before it gets too hot and you can save a whole 70 cents! I don’t think I would try the sardine omlet though. 😉

  11. Hi Chris, thanks for the review. It looks clean which is the most important thing when renting a room. The rest you can adjust to. Take care of your family plus yourself and try to have fun.

  12. Nice to see Hotel reviews in Cebu Chris 👍🏻 is the hotel room per person or guest friendly hotel. If I was to book the room would my girlfriend be able to stay there with me.

  13. Nice place to stay for a few days , you get what you pay for , in the end as long as the shower is good , wifi is good , you can buy your own coffee stuff , during the day really your not going to be there , its just for sleeping .

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