Cebu City: *Back to ECQ Update 6/16/2020* Going backwards, locked down again.

Rant Rant Rant: In a surprise announcement, the decision makers in Manila decide that Cebu City should be back on Enhanced Community Quarantine, even though Manila has many cases also and gets to keep their GCQ status.

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  1. Almost no pedestrian or auto
    traffic. Saw one or two bicycles.
    Can’t stay like this for long financially!
    Sad Cebu looking great otherwise

  2. I’m surprised that people are not up-rising about these lock-downs. What is Duterte thinking? The PH’s is losing $Billions$….

  3. Hi Jayson, hospitals at full capacity. Mayor Labella is not convincing mother Manila. Anyway what stuff of yours needs to be moved ?

  4. I’m sure with Metro Manila on GCQ, the Cebu City Mayor is pissed off. I know ours here in Talisay City isn’t happy. With 118 logged cases and currently 59 active cases, we’re now on MECQ. But Lapu-Lapu City has logged 201 cases and has 119 active, Mandaue City has logged 445 cases and has 338 active, and they’re both are on GCQ. WTF?

  5. my girlfriend told me today 6/16 this morning Cebu back to ECQ. I really feel for the working class I’ve been giving out 100p tips to taxi drivers. About a month ago I got a 1,200 USD stimulus bonus. Yes, really sucks for working class. Hope it’s not long.

  6. I agree with you and it’s sad for the people and we are being yo yo I’m also in Cebu and all my friends here need to work to survive and feel all the cases are asymptomatic and willing to take precautions

  7. This is utterly disappointing. The number of cases will inevitably rise day by day regardless so going back on a lockdown is not going to make any difference.

  8. Excellent video Jason. I agree with you whole heartedly that the powers that be are only interested in their powers and haven’t got a clue as to the problems they are creating for everyone, with the poorest having the biggest share, as always. The US and Europe have riots already – the causus-bali might not be quarantine but the opportunity to get agitated certainly has been. Hopefully the Philippines won’t go down that path. They have been making such progress the last 5 – 10 years it would be a shame to reverse course.

    Your video location is excellent too – I was delighted for I’ve taken the same walk hundreds of times myself, both for exercise and to clear my head, in 2018 / 2019 when I lived in Avida Tower 1 at IT Park (thought for a moment you would veer right and go there when you went left when you passed Yellow Cab Pizza).

    As to your new place, I don’t know about it’s availability and water, electricity and internet -but if those were available I’d have been hi-tailing it there before midnight when there were still Grabs available.

    Good luck wherever you are staying.

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