Cebu Business Park: *MECQ Update 7/31/2020* Going back to GCQ as of August 1st.

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We got some good news here in Cebu City this morning. They higher ups have decided that we can go back to GCQ as of August as of August 1st. I tell you guys what that means and give you some other regional news.

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  1. Hey Jason, also, things can’t open up too quickly, or otherwise, because people will just spread the virus even more. Just look at the United States.

  2. Thank you very much Jason for the news always, before I watch your channel invisible but now I am registered and subcribe you. Good to know that you are back to gcq. Greetings from germany and be safe there

  3. Thanks for the update Jason. At least Cebu is improving slowly. Melbourne is going backwards in cases overnight Jason. From Monday the whole state of Victoria is to use mask outside the house . In the city it’s been compulsory wearing of mask outside the house since last week. T c Jason

  4. These next couple of days are always the most interesting not knowing what actually is gonna be allowed and not allowed during the new Q. Be safe Jayson.

  5. Great news Jason hopefully when Im able to come back to see my fiancee in Mactan. we can get together in Cebu. Love your videos brother keep them coming 👌


    metro manila must STOP *home quarantine protocols* (for asymptomatic & mild cases)

    it’s a total failure

    that’s why, caseloads spike up in metro manila & luzon

    metro cebu had long utilized public schools as temporary quarantine / isolation centers (for asymptomatic & mild cases, either by hook or by crook) since april or may

    public schools & gymnasiums have been used as an effective evacuation centers (fire, typhoon, flood, civil unrest, volcanic eruption, epidemic, etc.) since 1960s or 70s

    in fact, some of these modern public schools & gymnasiums cost billions (of pesos) to construct

  7. Was good news to hear about the imminent change to GCQ in Cebu City. I was curious if you knew if foreigners already here on a tourist visa will have any issues renewing?

  8. Jason, Thanks for the updates. A little good news in Cebu. You touched on all the other places that matter to me too (I used to live in Cebu a few years ago) – I normally live in Hanoi now, where my 4-year old daughter currently is, and I’ve been marooned in Hong Kong since coming here for meetings in March. I had been getting my hopes up here of ‘bubbles’ forming soon, but no such luck with the developments of the last few weeks.

    Take care, and good luck and keep on with the updates.

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