The CCLEX, Cebu-Cordova Expressway is about half completed and will link Cebu City to Cordova on Mactan Island. It will be the 3rd bridge and is very much needed to give some relief to the traffic crossing the other 2 bridges.


  1. Reminds me of watching the building of the new airport in Hong Kong. 90% of it is gravel barged into the island to extend it into the channel. They also built a new suspension bridge as well. It was fascinating watching the barge traffic.

  2. It’s a least 2 years away from completion. The earthworks are coming from Consalcion and Northern Mindanao. We’ve lost 4 months construction time due to covid. August 2021 was always a very optimistic schedule.

  3. The sand is from Leyte, the gravel is from Cebu. We have 2 batch plants at our site opposite Il Corso. The concrete is batched there and transported by truck mixer and barge to the causeway. Cement is a gray powder and is a constituent of concrete.

  4. 1:30 Most likely it’s an engineering decision that the designer would answer. Or it might because your camera view would made it look like a sharp right turn from Cebu. The materials came from all around for example the gravel used for Bohol’s Panglao Airport was supplied by a mining company from Rizal because the volume justified for them to bypass middlemen.

  5. The CCLEX, Cebu-Cordova Expressway will help ease the traffic tremendously, when it’s done 🤞🙏🤞
    Thank you so much Rod for another great sharing. Good luck and wish you all the best. Be safe, stay safe, stay home! Best regards/Ned

  6. Thanks for the update Rod. I’m surprised they are building up a roadway I would have thought they would have built an elevated road. It looks a lot different than it did in October when I was there. Best wishes Bob.

  7. Rod, a truck will flip also if the load shifts inside the trailer or container, usually from excessive speed.. Thanks for the video… Bruce.

  8. We have a lot of chip trucks here. They haul chipped up logs to make forest products. They must get paid by the load because they tend to move fast. There are several corners where you will find a big pile of chips where one went too fast. Then it seems you will find 3 different piles in just a couple of weeks as one driver does not learn from the mistakes of the others.

  9. Minnesota misses you , Let us know when your coming home. I will have our Norwegian foods ready for you. Lutefisk, Smolahove and of course Lefse my favorite Norwegian cuisine. Yes you live in a place with so many fish to eat but Atlantic Cod must be missing. It has gotten very expensive here but its so good I pay for it. I would be honored to meet you Rod

  10. Amazing zoom views! It looks so beautiful, more so when it’s finished. It will be an iconic structure. This, as well as MCIA Terminal 2 are PPP projects that Cebuanos have to pay to use. The much needed BRT is funded by a foreign loan/grant but seems to be frozen due to politics. Cebu has to pay to use much needed infra, no government funded project in Cebu City. At the same time, their taxes will be helping pay for the massive projects ongoing in Davao and NCR.

  11. The new bridge will help with travel to the south end of Cebu. It will be fun to watch them place the span sections. Thanks for the video!

  12. Great long lense!
    There is a steady stream of dump trucks over here on Mactan. Watched a lot of airport construction in HK, all done with dredging barges.

  13. The toll stations will really slow down the traffic. We have e-tolls here in Metro Chicago and though the OH turnpike, PA turnpike, Washinton DC, MD and few other areas. YOu use an e-transponder on the widnsheid and just roll through the toll scanners. Really helps keep thinsg moving.

    Plus I would think they will limit speed on the bridge and road to help with turnovers. But it also looks like they really need to build some piles of crushed stone out in the water to shield that thing or the typhoons could catestrophically erode those roadways.

  14. Hell of a zoom Rod! Great video. Maybe one day you’ll catch a big rig going over the side of that S turn? You ever watch them building those Palm shaped islands in Dubai? My understanding was it was like dumping $100 bills in the ocean till you got an island! lol Thumbs up!

  15. Nice to see the progress, I wonder how much the toll will be. It should really help development in Cordova (property values😊)

  16. That was interesting Rod, I was hoping you would make video about this. I didn’t know about that sharp turn or why it couldn’t have been avoided. That’s a great zoom you have on your camera. Thanks as always for sharing.

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