Catch and Release, Just Another Day in da Jungle – Philippines

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  1. I agree.. I like the little guys. Especially living way out here by myself, they keep me company. Crickets also, I won’t kill crickets in the house. Never have and I’ve lived a pretty charmed life. 🙂

  2. That was his ‘roar’ sound. ha! In the evenings, when they’re just hanging out or looking for a mate, they make this sound that sounds like they are saying, “Uh-Oh!”. When I first moved here I thought it was some kid outside my window. It sounds very human, kinda funny.

  3. it’s a gecko,,, locally called “tuko” … they usually roam at evening catching flies and mosquitoes.. they’re making the sound ” tuk-ko”.. where it got his name…

  4. I heard a Filipino joking around with one. He’d ask the Tuko, “Should I have a drink?” Each time tuko answered he’d say, “Yes?”.. “No?”.. “Yes?”, and hoping it stopped on a ‘Yes’. ha!

  5. Cute little guys. I like seeing them on the wall as I do most of my vlogging late at night. I’ve seen them as they hunt and catch the moths.

  6. Awe the Tuko was really cute… but god if I saw one of those mouse things.. OMG id freak…. and see a mouse can collapse its body and get through an opening the size of its whiskers… so they can come right under doors.. 🙁

  7. unfortunately this cute little creatures are being caught and sold to chinese black market,,, they killed it and dried.. coz chinese believe its a powerful medicine.. and also for men with erectile dysfunction.. hehehehe….

  8. UPDATE: Tonight I saw this same little guy here in the house. No doubt it’s him, still had some flour stuck to the back of his feet. Must be some still on the bottom too since he kinda slipped a bit climbing the wall. I’m guessing he’ll shed a layer of skin when he grows and be good as new after that. For now, he’s hiding out behind the refrigerator. ha!

  9. Is it just me or will the Chinese black market pretty much dry up and ingest just about ANYthing, especially if it’s endangered as an aphrodisiac? I mean, geez.. these Chinese black market buyers never heard of Cialis or Viagra?

  10. I’ve heard of that. It’s crazy. On a marketing level, here I saw a skin whitening lotion called ‘Placenta’. I forgot to check the ingredients, but even from a marketing standpoint, implying there is some placenta involved seems to be a selling point. Nuts.

  11. This is the “toko” (Philippine lizard). It’s harmless and most people there believe, that it brings good luck when it resides inside your home. The toko lizard eats a lot of the mosquitos and other isects. At night they make a repetitive unmistakable rather loud sound – “toko..toko..toko..”. My wife’s house in Batangas has many of these residing there, sitting on the walls and nobody seems to mind them. They just bring And for the rats and mice I’d buy the electric rat trap – “Rat Zapper” from the U.S. and use it with batteries only. It kills rats and mice instantly. The old-fashioned rat traps work too, but the rats get spooked by those.. 

  12. isus, How long have you been there and you don’t know what a “toko” is?  and the smaller one is a “tiki”. lol dude.. u need to start learning the language..grabii americano oi

  13. If got one of these little fellows tattoed on my knee, the ultimate sticky knee so to speak…
    Unfortunately it never helped against mosquitos so far, but you never know.

    As for the mice, i am really sure that our cats would love your place!

  14. When you think you hear someone at your window at night saying Fu*k You just don’t get mad because it probably a gecko.  That is one of the sounds they make.  I gave one CPR one morning who happened to cross our electrical connection and knocked himself out.  He was laying on the ground the next morning out cold.  I gave him chest compressions and put him in a tree by the apartment and eventually he took off.  They eat a lot of big bugs like roaches for one.

  15. Henry..if you get anymore critters on your sticky pads..Tip…use any kind on oil’ coconut oil or vegetable oil just small amounts around the body of what you want off and use a stick to help remove from the works great..:-)

  16. I did pest control for 11 years ..if you need anymore tips just drop me a line. I’m coming to Cebu soon as my Ankle injury allows me too travel. I’m staying for 1 or 2 months to see how it feels on a long stay basis. I think I’m going to love it…

    1. @Eric Ander When you get to Cebu, check out the Larsian (for good bbq) or the AA BBQ near the San Pedro Fort by the pier.  Also the Taoist Temple, Mountain Top Park and Ayala Mall for some cool places to chill out and enjoy.

  17. That’s a gecko (tuko). Nice of you to let the guy go. In the U.S. & Europe, they have them as pets (pay big bucks for them) that’s why their numbers are decreasing. Thank you for not killing it. 

  18. hahaha..that’s ” TUKO” and they fight back. I love all your videos, man. Very interesting to watch. Never been back to the Philippines since 1995. Take care of yourself there, amigo.

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