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Post by Joe Pinoy

loved this little car

I just sold my Toyota drop side. Bought this car surplus for $4200 in CDO, 7 years ago. It is a 2000. Best truck I ever owned. Got 45 MPG hi way. Carried 1.5 tone with ease. Had battery trouble, tire trouble, accident troubles, rebuilt the starter, in the 7 years I owned it. It had been modified to left hand drive so the shift linkage was messed up and in constant need of adjustment. Other than that, great truck.

Had a jeepy before that(above). I think I paid $1500 for it in 94. This looked like a lot more car than it was. it was just drive train, some sheep metal, a windshield, 2 surplus seats and a speedometer… almost nothing else. The windshield wiper was hand operated, but because of the design when it rained mist was sucked in from the back and coated the windshield with mud on the inside. Had a Toyota 5R engine, a Honda rear end, never knew where the radiator came from, Filipino body and frame, often they were at war with each other. I used it to go to the very most remote places, it simply was impossible to get stuck as if you lost traction you simply went outside and picked it up and moved it to where you could go again. I think it got 35 MPG.


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  1. we have several full size jeepneys, both are 4 cylinder diesel and can haul plenty of people and cargo. our lighter one was on a route in cebu city and took forever to get plate/registration changed but never had problem with l.t.o. cause only used it locally. our heavy duty one can haul even more. we’ve had them both for over 15 years and my brother in law can make all repairs…we’ve rebuilt them each one time. built well motors in mandaue is only place to have diesel engines rebuilt right.

  2. I always wanted to buy a full sized “jeepney”. With our little Suzuki Celerio it does not get any respect on the highway and I have been run off the road onto the sidewalk once and very close 2 lanes into 3 passing in opposite direction several times. I did not have that problem with my Ford Escape SUV as it demanded more respect. But little cars don’t. I do not recommended buying anything less than a regular sized car for any amount of driving pleasure. There are vans you can get for around P900,000 to P1.5 Million, that’s Pesos. Personally I want a Toyota Hi-Ace, like the new models for about P1.4M

    1. Yet another crazy story from Mr Pinoy…

      I lived in Dipolog for about 7 years, driving that little jeepy.

      Mary May is the owner of the bus lines from Zambonga to Ozamas. They have/had the nasty habit of passing directly into on coming traffic, knowing that they had “respect”, knowing that nobody wants to be hit by a bus traveling 100 KLM hour head on.

      I really hated being given the choice to either drive in the canal or die.

      So I bought a small rubber ball, tied that ball onto bamboo and my rear tailgate so that it extended out about 18″ beyond my car. Painted the ball black so it looked exactly like a 5 pound fishing weight.

      The plan was that if Mary May decided to run me off the road again I was going to feed them the ball.

      They NEVER pulled out in front of me ever again when I had the ball out.

      Had LTO stop me 2 times with the ball out but I explained that cargo limits in the Philippines are .5 Meter beyond last support at the side and I can I can carry my load as I like within those limits. No matter the law I was always asked to remove the “fishing weight” before I was allowed to go on.

      You want a Hi-Ace and mine was Lite-Ace, I think the only difference was the size of the tires. P million is way way too much for it.

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