Take Care When Driving in the Philippines

When driving in the Philippines, you will encounter many more obstacles on the roads than you would in the United States, or even many European countries for that matter.

On our drive up from Cebu City to Bogo last March 27th, while driving at night I almost ran off the end of a stretch of new concrete with no advance warning that the road surface was about to end, except for a small three foot by three foot piece of wood sitting about one foot from the edge of the road surface stating “no entry.” It was not even lighted so I did not see it until the very last moment.  Fortunately for me I had slowed down due to the congestion and traffic and being blinded by the bright lights from oncoming traffic. When my headlights finally illuminated the tiny board for a sign, I had to execute an emergency stop. I did manage to stop safely and ended up about 6 feet from the end.  So a word to the wise, keep your speed down when passing through these towns or congested areas at night.  You would not imagine the obstacles you could encounter on these roads. I have seen people sitting or walking along the roadside, who totally ignore the beeps of your horn. I often run across people sitting in chairs blocking one entire lane or logs sitting in the lane as warning of a nearby sari-sari store, at night, you don’t see them until the very last moment.


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