The Carbon Public Market in Cebu City, Cebu, the Philippines is a large vegetable, fruit, meat, clothes, and hardware market in the downtown area of Cebu City, near Colon Street, Plaza Independencia, and Pier 1.


  1. Rod. Just a note to let you know that the new senior age during the lockdown is 60 year’s and over. My wife was turned away from 3 places and new signs are up indicating such. Hard for us as she is only one on quarentine pass. She is 63 and was allowed before last order came down.

  2. As there are good and bad people anywhere in the world, places more dangerous than others, we cannot have that minority questioning the image of a country, in my country public transport has always worked well as cab , a huge queue for the market entry. Stay safe.

  3. I never had problem at Carbon market, except for 50peso bribe to the traffic woman, and she was so nice about everything, it was worth it. I didnt find things particularly cheap there, but just cheaper. The little kids are the only unpleasant thing I experienced in Carbon market, they came begging and I said no, they spat on the taxi. I usualy have candy for the beggars, but not that time. I must say that was very unusual, in fact the only time something nasty happened in many visits to the Philippines over 30 years. Much worse has happened to me in the UK just this month. I think the Phils is rather crime free compared to the west. If I can ask, how do you think this crisis will end, in respect to people going overseas on holidays? I do like your informative vlogs, and your points of view.

  4. Rod,
    Sorry to hear that you’ve had some stuff stolen. For what it’s worth, it was nothing personal, it just about business. You’re a pretty tall guy and Filipinos aren’t exactly known for their height. So, perhaps your towering stature keeps safe from the miniature thieves. Take care, stay safe.

  5. Good Video! I agree with you about Carbon Mkt. I have driven over from Lapu Lapu with my wife and her Mom and Aunts who have Sari Sari stores specializing in Veggies. We are usually there tween 10pm and 4am for two to three hours. I try to park our multicab in the same areas where the LTO or parking attendant knows me/us. Never had any trouble in the eight or twelve times I have gone. I see Koreans and some Chinese there usually, they are not so much the foreigners as us americanos I suppose. It surely is a place to know your place and be respectful, humble and polite.

  6. You’re okay and carbon market it’s places like the side streets late at night around 2:00 in the morning in Angeles City is where you need to worry

  7. Any foreigners going to the Philippines that would like to meet single ladies it’s just take some pesos and tape them to your arms and legs and walk down the street you will be very popular

  8. I will give your audience a freebie and I usually get a lot of hate back telling me how safe it is The SM Mall is one of the most dangerous places you can be if a crime is committed against you or you are even murdered that PNP will not get involved it will be handled by the SM security which means you will lose 100% of the time

    if the lockdown ever ends let me know if you ever see a real PNP inside SM Mall you will not see it

  9. Here’s one more for you to chew on if you are ever murdered buy a Filipino they will not be prosecuted unless you have a blood relative come to the Philippines to prosecute the case so if you are here as a one month millionaire and you are murdered one of your family members is going to have to come to the Philippines at their own expense and prosecute the case for anybody to be found liable

  10. Maybe you can do a video on all of the scams foreigners have been involved in maybe like the poker game I will give you a scam for your subscribers to watch out for

    You meet a hot girl somewhere in the Philippines to make a long story short she has you by Viagra from a street vendor inside of that box is Viagra and shabu she’s working with the local PNP to bust you after you make the purchase you are in deep s*** I can go down the rabbit hole as far as it goes in the Philippines with scams there are scams that would shock you that you would not even think about

  11. Most of us forriegners don’t speak bisaya like we do, don’t leave the tourist spot like we do, and don’t live off the tourist spot like we did. I lived in mambaling and talisay and urgelio for close to two years.

  12. Rod I trust no one. But through my life I have had so many items taken by thieves. If I think about it it starts to piss me off again LOL. I’ve never had anything taken my body. Mostly out of my vehicles. Damn I would love to catch one of them one time


  14. Unfortunately in the US now, these are the same kinds of lines in places like Florida, Texas, Mississipi, Alabama, Georgia, etc because so many people in those places can’t get food and/or unemployment payments.
    I guess the difference is that is straight squalor there in the Philippines where even in the worst case in the US, poor people still have most basic things and even a bunch of unnecessary things as well.

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