Can you Travel Tokyo with $100!? Keeping Japan Affordable

This is how to travel Tokyo cheap and still get the best. Myth busted. Japan can be traveled on a budget! Start listening with a 30-day Audible trial. Choose 1 audiobook and 2 Audible Originals absolutely free. Visit or text lostleblanc to 500-500.

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  1. I was so surprised. Just did Tokyo. In Kyoto currently. Japan is not as expensive as everyone normally makes it out to be. I’d compare it to any major US city. Even cheaper actually because the food is much cheaper than in the states and the quality is much better.

  2. It’s culturally accepted to sleep on benches? Well, only if you worked long hours or are absolutely drunk that you can’t get home or missed your last train. Otherwise it is not acceptable. You don’t see normal people or homeless sleeping on benches like maybe in other countries. At least I haven’t in years here.

  3. Hey Christian, I’m back on watching your videos. I also subscribed so I really hope you guys have been doing very well other than Easter Island. Cheers mate!

  4. I didn’t think you would be able to do it for $100 just because lodging costs are high in Tokyo but you killed it with that $16 capsule hotel!

  5. Wow. One of my wish list Japan.
    Im so inspired to watch a tavel vlog and get some tips from u guys… u r all very helpful for me as i just started creating my video. Thanks for sharing wish to get more helpful tips from u cheerfu 💕

  6. I have to admit I look forward to your videos every week because your content is well put together and it’s always fun to watch. Oh BTW you inspired me to start a channel…

  7. I love Lost Leblanc’s channel! Been following for a while now and all of his Asia travel videos were a true inspiration for me to get out there and start my own travel Channel! 😎

  8. Hi, I just today started watching your channel, also I watched the ending of the lisbon vídeo as you said that you wanted to try an authentic experience, so I recommend my city (Tomar, almost 100% history since this was the city where the Templars started evrything, so it´s more related to history), Peso da Régua (beautiful at night), Gerês ( is more related to nature), basicly a true experience are the villages, just go a bit far of the major cities and don´t worry because a lot of people are learning english so you´ll get around pretty easy, I believe

  9. Great video! I can’t believe I missed the Galaxy Building while I was there July-August. Just gotta do your research with hotels, transit & eating if you wanna travel Japan on a budget and you summed up a lot of it well (explanation on saving transit costs was lacking). I lived there for 15 years and am now studying in Canada and I was impressed by this!

  10. It’s 12:50am and I’m 6:27 minutes in and I can’t watch anymore! My girlfriends in bed and has nudge’d me and said “Stop laughing!!” (multiple times). As I’m trying to hold back the laughs (quitely) but I can’t! I’m going to have to watch this in the morning! Christian, You’re so funny man, keep it up!!

  11. By all means if you must budget travel in Japan then do so but you should definetly go bananas. I spent months in Japan and it is the most beautiful place I’ve been. I would not budget travel here!!

  12. Kagari is making ramen, not soba.

    Soba is the old name for Ramen “Chuka soba” (chinese noodles).
    Kagari is serving a Tori paitan Ramen.
    Soba are made with buckwheat flour and is different.

  13. This is what you told me when we met in Bali at the cafe, love the value and everyone is so happy to see you bring this video concept back 😊 see you in 2020 #markmytravels

  14. Soba has two meanings; one is literary “noodle” and other is specifically “buckwheat noodle”. Kagari is ramen, which falls under general soba category, and is not a buckwheat noodle soba.

  15. What’s the narrow street called in this video with the red lanterns? Pretty sure it’s well known, most people visiting Tokyo seem to go down it and get photos. Cheers

  16. Great to see Tokyo can be spent for $100. That Soba looks delicious. We originally want to go to Tokyo. Hopefully, we can still go later this year. Great video reference.

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