Can the iPhone shoot Travel Vlogs? | Switzerland 4K

I shot our recent travel vlog in Switzerland using the iPhone 11 Pro. I think it really shows mobile filmmaking is a great way to start making video today. If you want to learn how to make a living with your camera, then checkout my free training:

Our Flight Got Cancelled – Escaping Switzerland:

Hotels visited – White Pods Hotel, The Lausanne Palace, and Hotel Palafitte

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  1. Did not expect to see the village I was born and raised in in your video 😲😂. You can see It from the Pod Hotel you stayed at. I have to say I think this video is awesome and yes Switzerland is expensive. But it’s also sooo much more than those very special and luxurious hotels. There’s so much more you can see in Switzerland that doesn’t cost you anything and I think people should be aware of. Of course places like Lauterbrunnen, Zermatt, Luzern, Zürich are beautiful but they are also super touristic and expensive for this reason. So if you ever think of coming to Switzerland don’t hesitate to get away from the touristy hubs and spend less on places that are as amazing, text me if you need extra tips 😉
    And if you wanna see more of it, it was my first trial and it’s definitely not perfect, but go check my channel. I have a video of some really nice places in Switzerland!

  2. Once the Corona pademic is over please visit one of the beautiful Countries in Africa, “Tanzania” home of the Highest free standing mountain in the World “Kilimanjaro”

  3. wow! this has given me a lot of hope. ive only got my iPhone at the moment and have been recording on it but kept feeling like i needed to upgrade my camera before i release my content. thank you for this video

  4. Your videos inspired me to give myself a go at video editing. All I did all this while was record videos but never learnt how to edit them. With extra time on my hands now. I’ll be doing exactly that. Thank you so much and keep your content coming!

  5. Great video! Love that you help people out and teach them that it is possible to make beautiful stories with the gear we have in out pockets. Can you link the mic you used?

  6. Very impressive to see such good quality and audio from a phone and of course the mountain ranges of Switzerland are the perfect subject to capture (also very jealous of your dessert eating location! 😂)

  7. Awesome content – I have started doing the same and have 4 travel videos filmed with a drone so far, but seeing this I might add phone content too. Next one is my Europe trip which includes Switzerland – one of the best countries by far.

  8. I love this and got so inspired by your channel and only found out you’re from Vancouver! I’m born and raised in Vancouver 😊 hope you’re doing well during this time, I was nervous posting during this time but I wanted to share my travel xperience before the pandemic i just recently posted a video how I spent less than $1000 cad to New York from Vancouver!

  9. Eating cats and marrying your cousins is perfectly legal in Switzerland…be part of Swiss culture! Also you can rape little children and stab people in Switzerland, just pay some fines and your okay. But if you spill a bucket of paint or prepared to be put in a human cage.

  10. I’ve recently (December 2019) shot my Europe travel video including Switzerland on an iPhone 7 and iPhone XR, it worked wonderfully because of the little space we had. I did add some stabilization in post to smooth-en things out but of course missed my dslr a lot.

  11. Hi there!! Your video is so beautiful 😍. I love it and enjoyed watching. Thank you for sharing. Btw which apps do you use to edit, which you shoot it from iPhone? Please do let me know. It will help me a lot. Waiting for response here. Anyways stay home and stay safe there…

  12. Come on Christian, this video is simply shot by iPhone and you did nothing else! What did you do in post processing to get the video looking like this? Did you use LUTS for color correction or did you perform color correction manually? Was this video shot in RAW, probably not, to give you complete control of editing during post processing? What about lighting and the time of day of the shooting? Yes, you can shoot video on ANY camera, but can you get video quality and a video that tells a story without post processing? Let’s tell the whole story about creating a video with an iPhone verses a DSLR, mirrorless, or pro camcorder, not to mention sound editing.

  13. I’m so inspired by you, I’ve always told my friends that I want to be the Saudi Arabian version of Christian Leblanc 😂
    And one day I’ll make it happen “hopefully”

    Keep getting us lost 💪🏼

  14. wow, but very expensive car rental, I took a car from Friedrichshafen, DE for 45 Eur per 2 days in Sep and travel to Liechtenstein and Switzerland, amazing and they upgraded from a Fiat to Seat Arona

  15. You have to come to Argentina, You are going to love it. from north to south. Very different landscapes and cultures. And the best meat you will ever eat, the best red wine in the world. great food over all.

  16. Great video! As a camera snob some things I’ve noticed about phone footage. Dynamic range is not as good – shadows become very dark and loose colour, sky highlights are clipped and become 100% white w/o any detail. Footage will differ a lot based on lighting conditions – sometimes it is fantastic, other times face colour becomes kinda plasticy like smth is missing, random colours become oversaturated and fake. I think this happens because sensor cannot collect enough light and there is a lot of noise to compensate that phone cranks up noise reduction. You’ve proved you can definitely make a great video with a phone, but having a better camera will give that kinda more real and vibrant colours, potentially more sharp and more detail in shadows and highlights because of better dynamic range + much better performance in low light. But do people really notice it and how much they care? That is the question.

  17. “It’s not about the camera, it’s about the person behind it!” So soon! Full time family blogger here x 4 years and mostly use iPhone and a small DSLR camera. About to upgrade, but love that this encourages people to go after it no matter what!

  18. I wonder, why am I often seeing westerners eat with the left hand rather than with the right hand? In a lot of movies or youtube videos, I often see westerners eat with left hand. Is it common thing or habit over there?

  19. میرا چینل گھومنے پھرنے سے Related ہے برائے مہربانی مجھے سپورٹ کریں میرا چینل سبسکرائب کریں. امید ہے آپ نے سبسکرائب کر دیاہو گا
    تمام بھائیوں سے گزارش ہے کہ میرے چینل کو سبسکرائب کریں

  20. God! I’m soooo jealous! I wish someday I can go there too! I’m half swiss but my father just abandoned me here in the Philippines! so watching this video gives me more push that someday, someday I can visit that beautiful country!

  21. I used to live in Switzerland and it was the best experience I’ve ever had. If you ever go back to Switzerland, try taking the trains. There are a ton of passes you can get that will give you a good value for the money and the thing about Swiss trains is that you can literally get anywhere and it’s a pure experience. And skiing! And you got the fondue ♥️

  22. Everything is expensive because everyone who had a hand in whatever product you buy is getting paid fair and have a liveable salery. Therefor, the gap between the poor and rich is small.

  23. Such a stunning video, just with your phone. I also use my iPhone for some video clips. I subscribed to LCA from the very beginning and I think I will start working on the course. You’re such an inspiration, Chris and Katy.

    Sending love to you both all the way from the Dumaguete, Philippines.

  24. Thanks for showing how much story can be told with such a simple set-up Christian! Now I want to go straight to Switzerland when we can travel again…

  25. Of course if you know a trick or two about editing that changes the game, but it was awesome to see what you could do with just an iPhone

  26. Lost LaBlanc this is a stunning video and I absolutely love the view, the video quality on iPhone 11 quite impressive. I too shoot my travel videos with my phone , can’t wait for your next vlog.

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