Can It Be? Tatay William Gets A Day Off?

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  1. or with birds BRIAN money pesos ,,,,,,a room bamboo with wall hole iron similar wall garden ,,,,,,and money birds ,invest of wage they grow and sell for money……more and more into ROOM

  2. Very nice parakeets. I used to breed a lot of tropical birds in Canada for a hobby. I like them a lot. They are colony birds which breed best if you have several pairs that can inter act together.

  3. When they are young its hard to sex them till they get their different color noses. The blue nose is the male and if the other budgies nose turns brown like a scab, it means its female and its in heat.

  4. product FOOD double price into EUROPE ——PANIC BUYERS ……………. BRIAN keep reserve fish at congelator , price pigs double into future if you sell on internet ……appear panic consume food . And put announce sell pig double price for test market

  5. I have parakeets before, they tend to dont like people being around them. They will lay eggs but sometimes you would see eggs outside the nest. they dont like to be disturb. Place the cage away from people.

  6. FISH make double price on internet and SELL at local peoples ,,,,,,,,minimum buy 40kg fish and buyer buy ice and recipient pvc and make LISTING buyers and announce on internet …….4 buyers with for recipient with boat and GABRIEL harverst fish direct farm……..into europe are panic buy food

  7. Enjoy your day together gin titay, red red. Be safe all you all. Love to all. Red he’s a good boy! 👍God bless you all Brian stay safe can’t wait till you harvest the fish pen! Looking big now fish are. God bless you in your harvest Brian. Titay is a hard worker. God bless him! He’s got a good tan . Cute birds what kind are they?

  8. Gina’s place looks so cute lots hard work her and titay god bless them always. Love the plants Gina very nice table bench titay enjoy your eating together. Nice place

  9. Brian, I hope you are staying on top of Tatay’s medical check ups , physicals and dental. I would hate to think what would happen if you lose him. He is the most important part of your operation and you can not afford to lose him. Stay save with this virus around……………………………………………………………………………………………………………………..coldsteels3air

    1. They budgies don’t use nest materials,but a little concave ground into the floor of the nest box will hold eggs in place and stop them rolling around

  10. Tatay looks like he has a very nice piece of property there. It looks very nice! MAYBE one day we can visit that part of Bohol if the virus ever goes away! lol Thumbs up!

  11. Nice to see the Australian budgie in the Phillipines. I think they call them love birds over there.
    The need no nesting materials.
    They need a small depression on the bottom of the nest box for the eggs to lay in.

  12. If she starts to lay eggs they take 21 days to hatch. The hen will lay 1 egg every second day. They can lay 10 or more, so the first chick is almost hatching when the last egg is lad . This also can be a problem because as the chicks start to leave the nest she can start laying the next batch.
    As she lays the eggs you can write a number on them with, say a 2b lead pencil and they always hatch in that order.

  13. Taytay’s haircut looks good. Maybe my own western and military bias talking, but I think that the haircut combined with relative age, and active intelligence behind the eyes make him look like an authority figure. If I saw him in a crowd and needed to talk to someone for directions, information , or guessing who’s in charge of workers. With that haircut he’s the guy to try talking to first. Looks like a boss.

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