Can I Retire on my Social Security Check? Monthly Budget in the Philippines Old Dog May 27 2020

Can I Retire in the Philippines on my Social Security Check? Monthly Budget in the Philippines May 27 2020 Old Dog New Tricks

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  1. Paul, get an antibody test (not the same as virus test). You’ll know if you had covid 19. If you had it then you can help others with your antibodies.

  2. Not getting in your business. But is social security all u have to live on? If so are you able to save enough to for unexpected medical. Etc.

  3. I agree about stagnation, everything the same and even though I mostly go to nearest town one way and return another, after X number of years it is boring. Look forward to wildflowers in bloom every year, watching the veg garden grow, seeing the grand children mature. Mostly waiting for the grim reaper 🙂 .Nice thing about the military life is I changed jobs and scenery every few years.

  4. Wow Paul, the financial rigors of life are brutal. It must be very difficult to plan for the unplanned. I like cooking but it would be nice to have someone else cook for variety. The Pinay shopping expertise is a must if you don’t get side tracked and penny-pinched to death. LOL The worse thing about living in the states and knowing where you want to retire is doing my time faithfully and surviving through the groundhog days. As usual thank you for the insight. You will help me make a smoother transition one day after I pay my dues. God bless.

  5. Hmm. The man who loves to socialize, loves to grab a coffee and shoot the breeze with acquaintances, is thinking of moving to a more isolated place? Well, fortunately, you aren’t big on possessions, so if this doesn’t work out for you, you can easily move again.

  6. After living in Asia for 12 years, 600 Dollors is my max budget monthly, Spend. I truely know how to live cheap. I have a partner, a child and Nanay (Mother, inlaw) allso lives under the roof of our small house in the, province of, Philipines. Electricity is budgeted as no aircon only fans to keep cool, due to living on a mountainside it very cool. My days of Condos and Hotel rooms are over. In the past I’ve found it cheaper to rent a shop and live in that. Living cheap with a reasonable lifestyle is about knowledge. I don’t waste money but use to in the past my first few years in Asia I would spend my money on Women and Beer and waste the rest. After you have found what you seek in life a good woman a small safe place to live built a home then living exsteamly cheap is very possable. My life is good and a lot better than my lifestyle I had before in the UK. Life is what you make, of, it. Blend in with the crowd and your laughing and living a good life from my veiw.

  7. I enjoyed hearing your budget and views of how/what to spend the money on. it appears to be totally accurate those who check the budget sheet every month probably cant really afford the life they have or at least want to try and save some cash and forget cash only buys what you want. The moving is a good idea that is one of the advantages of renting after all. as they say you cant fix something that is not broken but you can change the record/song

  8. I’m going to plan for what I think is high, because I do want island hop. I worry a little about getting over there, and having my check stop coming for one reason or another.

  9. I am sure you had a Corona virus in January. I had a same symptoms the same time here in New York. A week ago I went to my Dr, did a blood test for antibody IgG serum. I got a result back yesterday and my Dr told me, yes you had the Covid 19 and now your immune system developed antibodies. Can you get a IgG test in your area?

  10. any thought’s Paul on ex-pats relying on you -tube as an income.i have seen some sadly living as poor as filipino’s and aged around 50 can’t see that’s living myself.

  11. I always hate the question “can I retire on Social Security” when the answer is that always yes. it all depends on your lifestyle, because eventually everyone retires on Social Security even in the USA and they aren’t eating dog food. Wanting to live the American lifestyle overseas can be expensive, more than in the USA, but that leads me to the question, why would anyone want to retire on with the American lifestyle and then live overseas and not embrace the local culture.

  12. I’ve lived in Bangkok, Thailand for around 4 years now on my 1300 military retirement….whenever I get to move over to the Philippines, I’m sure I can live pretty much the same lifestyle as I am now…..I don’t party much as it is…..and since the usd exchange rates are a bit better in the Philippines than here in Thailand …..I should be just fine on 60k pesos a month…..guess I’ll find out….lol

  13. Hey Paul, since your talking about budgets, I asked you about a month ago on living on $3000 + a month, no comment from you, but I seen you gave a thumbs up on someone that had a negative remark on my post, plan on living in the Phils in about two years, like you I am starting to ask questions from vlogers, for me if your not going to answer the question, please hold the negativity to your viewers, like you did me ….. Thank you

  14. Paul, I dropped plan B because I found out my private insurance covered what plan B did. I also don’t plan to go to any place that would take it anyway, My SS increased $145.00. I have no idea if it is the same for everyone. I did it by calling SS in Manila. Good vlog. Ron

  15. Paul, I am a retired Nurse and my logic for doctors here go like this:
    1. get them to write down the DX with proper spelling and readable. No Dr. scribble.
    2. write down on separate paper any scripts medicine readable. No scribble.
    3. Say thank you and go home. Do not buy medicine yet.
    4. get on line and go to sites that are major hospitals you recognize the name, or verifiable medical sites, not some doctor selling snake oil. Look up the DX and read all the info. Match your symptoms with theirs listed. Look for area with treatments. Make note of any recommended medications or treatments.
    5. Does this make a reasonable match to your symptoms? Did the scripts you received match the same type or class of medication? (The name of med might and probably will be different) if a match is the dose equal or close as what is recommended on the web site?
    6. Look for a generic on line and make note of the name. Also look for similar meds in same class listed for treatment. search prices of the similar meds as well as generic (if there is one) of what you were given on script. Find the least expensive. Most any med can be purchased except controlled narcotic type meds and antibiotics. Even to get antibiotics without a script, I usually don ‘t have to go to more than two Pharmacys, Mercury and Watsons are difficult, but the independent ones are usually good. If you are uncomfortable doing this, do all the research I said, make note of what you came up with and go to any Pharmacy and ask to talk to the Pharmacist on duty. Ask them if what your scripts is, is the same as what you found to take for the DX you were given. Itg sounds like a lot and probably complicated, but it isn’t. I’m just long winded I think.
    To give you an idea of what can be saved, I took the list of meds for the mother of a previous GF who was in Renal failure, had major heart problems and was considered to unstable for dialysis. Her meds were over 1600 pesos a day. When I was finished with all the cross referencing, I reduced it to a little under 300 a day. Some were crazy. One was a fancy named antiacid, a Tums tablet would do. Savings about 40 per tab. A fancy medical name for what was food grade activated charcoal at 300 per little packet, given twice a day. That is like a half teaspoon per packet, a few grams of the powder. I bought a a kilo at Shopee or Lazada, I forget which for 800 per kilo. So don’t get taken for a ride. Don’t trust the Dr giving the DX and don ‘t trust the Med. check it out. And if symptoms don/t match what you find on line, get a 2nd opinion and start all over. Sorry this is so long. Should have got your email and sent it there, but maybe someone else will read this book also. Good luck on your move. Just might move down your way when movement is allowed. The people running Zambales want to keep the strictest lockdown there is in force. Saw on a TV news program that there has only been one case since april 15 or 17, cant remember, but they requested we be kept in MECQ along with Metro Manila. Why??? So they can pound their chest? I have not been able to leave my house in 74 days, being over 60. you and yours take care of yourself

  16. Funny you say that about the coronavirus. My brother in NYC was really sick back in the beginning of January. And I’m not saying it was but he kinda feels like it mite have been the Rona . Have a good one Joe I mean Paul . 😂🤣😂🤣

  17. Hey Paul, I hear you when it comes to finding a place to live that is a little more remote & with more privacy. I am recently retired, and I spent the last 10 years living in the downtown area of a city with population of about 500K– lots of restaurants, bars, entertainment options, also lots of noise. I really enjoyed it for most of those years, but as I approached retirement, I realized I wanted a little more peace & quiet in my surroundings. So, I am currently searching for that quiet spot to spend my retirement. Your option of being able to live in a mountainous area sounds awesome. Best of luck to you and Mae in your apartment search.

  18. Basically A person can exist on $1,000 a month. if you want to live it goes up depending on how much you want to live. generally budget $1,500 – $2,000 you figure it out…

  19. My Jamacia wife, 20 years younger is a blessing. We live in NC, USA. We travel. We are blessed and give $$$ to others. Her family and friends and even strangers in need. She taught me this. We give and get more back every time. Don’t be a tight ass selfish American.

  20. Hello we bought our land and built the house while I was still working in the UK so now I have retired we don’t have any rent, I drilled our own well so we just have electric to pay for and things like phones, satellite TV, gas for the car, we eat really well. The UK pension is payed every 4 weeks 28 days and we can live comfortably

  21. I will retire in two and a half years at 62 SS will give me $1531 a month and I now own everything I have except for my current apartment that I rent so I have decided to stay here in the USA and over the next two years buy some land for cash, buy a travel trailer with everything I need for cash move it on to my land and have very low expenses. All this will cost me no more than $20,000 and then my monthly expenses will average about $800 because I can see that even living in the Philippines will not save me more money the only thing is I would miss out on is the ladies 🙁 but having extra money every month in case of problems is more important right now and I don’t want to be down to my last dollar in the Philippines. Take care Paul and have fun.

  22. Hey Paul, thanks for the great video. I have a question for you that you may or may not know but here’s a shot in the dark. Is it very hard for a vegan to live there as far as finding food at reasonable prices?

  23. Hi, to save on food, get a slow cooker, just put all ingredients altogether (cut meat thinly) and leave it to slowly cook like a stew. To cure heat, immerse your feet in a blow-up tub. Also, go picnic in a cooler place to save. Take lots of VitC from citrus fruits to boost immune system.

  24. I would like to move there but I’m thinking more about going to the Baguio city area….I have a friend here in the US that married a woman that’s from there and they tell me how nice it is and how much cooler it is up in the mountains.

  25. Hi Paul you are talking like your lockdown quarantine has ended, here on Mindanao Surigao Del Sur we still have strict lockdown you have to have a travel pass and medical to go anywhere, I because I am over 60 can’t go anywhere on like house arrest it’s a good job I have my land I can walk round, I seen they have 20 new cases in Davao so I can see the lock down extended into June. TC and keep Safe Bill&Tess

  26. the alcoholics there are a problem. they talk shit, make stuff up, abuse filipinas, drama queens, and very negative due to their progressive “disease”. same story here, there, and everywhere for these losers…….don’t give them the time of day and avoid at all costs. they usually want something from you….like a loan, a flop when they loose their place, etc. want to see some really nasty drunks going at it day and night…..visit Angeles.

  27. Paul… when you mention other videos you make; please add a link to them so I can watch those, and add to your clicks. Thanks again for the fun and BS fun. For sure it’s very important to have a “Rainy Day fund” Great videos! In Thailand you can’t live as an oldie unless you pop 25K in their banks. What kind of dump money do you need to hard land where you live? Also you have to insure yourself medically speaking in Thailand. So what are the rules there in Philly?

  28. Paul, I would say that for me personally I don’t mind you going a little extra longer because I plan on moving to the Philippines after this lockdown is lifted. You provide great information for someone like myself to get prepared for my journey there to the Philippines. Again I would say thank you for your awesome videos my friend

  29. $400 for rent, dam I could live like a millionaire there! I could Budget $5000 month for living expenses and bank the rest! Any waterfront apartments there with a boat dock?

  30. Just so you know Google must think I’m a woman in need of make up products that I have to sit through the adds instead of skipping past. Only for u old dog and just for this channel. Haha Haha anyways keep on keepin on

  31. Paul,
    I’ve been living 1 pay per month for the last 18 years -damned if I’m not scraping the last week of the month! They talk about all the stuff the other people are actually out doing!!!

  32. Once again, I agree with what you’re thinking. I definitely don’t want to live in town. I like the more remote idea – my only concern would be internet connection. Nearly everything else can be adjusted…and, you’re doing YouTube vids. My first thought was that maybe you needed a project of your own – but I guess YouTube qualifies as that project. I have plans for my own project once I get there…I want to go into aquaponics. But first to visit some other countries.
    I’m surprised you’re keeping your Medicare B. Seems a waste. Wouldn’t you be better off just putting that money into a medical emergency fund for either one of you? I dumped mine, but I have VA as my fallback.

  33. Paul..had same thing..traveled from KL to Bangkok in early Feb with GF…for whole month in BKK we had same symptoms that you and Mae had which did not finally end until end of March…never was sick like that before..believe many stories like this and will be interesting to see once the antibody tests become available

  34. When I first saw that 30 minutes on here, I decided ain’t no way Paul is going to keep me engaged for that long, but alas Paul you did. Thanks for the info, and as one old American to another, we’ll both have those ‘Joe Biden’ moments now more frequently.

  35. when i get to dumagette , i am going to eat at baby maes b.q. pork sticks restrant at 10 peso a piece i can eat 10 a day. l.o.l.

  36. Your Medicare is now $140 per month. Also make sure u sign up on the prescription plan or you will be pentalized for the rest of your life. My pentalty is $5.20 each month until I die.

  37. i was in Cebu and Manila in December, January, and part of February. I experienced the same symptoms(minus the fever) that you said you, your friend and May had. My guess is you contracted the virus when you traveled to Cebu. It looks like you were there around that time.

  38. Paul, not everyone gets their Social Security payment on the 2nd Wednesday of the month. I get mine on the 3rd Wednesday. Just an FYI if you didn’t know this already. Keep vlogging, you’re doing a good job.

  39. The fastest growing channel in the Philippines. Hey Paul, you had great faith in the system relying on social security. For that alone, I’m gonna keep working and contributing to the system to keep it intact!

  40. Maybe, stopping those maintenance helped you battled the respiratory illness better. Because most who died had comorbiditoes and taking other meds

  41. Listening to your video makes me Jealous of all my friends who took the Civil Service route and now get nice pension checks! Thanks for the video, it is my best watch of the day!

  42. Hi Paul , Great info…. Currently working with a $ 2.3k monthly (SS) budget, along with VA check. Looking towards the new chapter ….


  43. $500 a month ✌🏻 Living well for me is blending with my fellow neighbors. Not being flashy, living simple, having a cash cushion. I enjoy watching your retirement. So happy things are going so well for you. 👍🏻 I think you’re the biggest help for retirees from the states out there, coming here. All the best to you and Mae 🧡❤️💚 sending love and good vibes from Marla and Fred in Southern Mindanao.

  44. Really enjoy your eclectic and funny thoughts on living in the Philippines. My wife is a Filipina from Batangas and we’re hoping to retire there in 4 years. However, you are having too much fun so we may have to do it in two years!

  45. Paul, you are so cool and Easy to listen to. Hope to meet you when I finally get there. R u in Valencia area I believed you said before. I think we could be good friends. I would like to know somebody there before taking the leap.somebody that who knows what it’s like to be completely new in a different environment. : )

  46. I Live fairly Great on my $1,400 a month Pension & VA Disability past 2 years = here on Subic beach in Barretto, Philippines ! Love it !! Tganxx Again Paul !

  47. Rent the biggest item for most then food 1500 usd is a comfortable budget . that leave room for emergency hospital medicine must have some savings

  48. In addition, you have to look at security. Thats right, youre no longer in Kansas! Who will be watching your place while you’re gone shopping or getting a coffee in duma?

  49. Hey Paul,
    Interesting video but like many similar videos you do not discuss other real expenses that retired (particularly older) expats face. As a 64 year old retired to Thailand for eleven years, I’ll list a few of them:

    1. Medical insurance premiums. No matter where you live, quality medical care costs. If you have enough to self insure…great. If not, you are rolling the dice on whether you will get the care for something serious when you need it.

    2. The cost of taking care of those you love after you are gone. You probably want to leave Baby Mae something more than that chicken you prop up on your sofa. A straight life policy that will take care of her for a year or two after you are gone costs money.

    3. I am from the U.S.. My mom died two years ago,. My daughters gave me grand kids recently. If it’s important for you to be present for the funerals, births, weddings, etc. of those you love in your home country than you have to budget for these very real travel expense,

    4. I am sure you are going to die. What arrangements have you made to not burden others with the expense of your passing? Even the most basic of funerals cost money. Who’s paying? do you have anything set aside?

    5. “Emergency” expenses. You know, Your computer gives up the ghost. You throw a rod in your car or motorbike, a relative breaks an arm.. Something unexpected should always be expected when it comes to budgeting`.

    Just a few observations based on my experiences.

  50. Holy cow that is inexpensive. My property tax alone in the USA is $750/month. My utilities are about $300-400/month. Food is probably $600/month, etc.

  51. Hi Paul. Who was the better dermatologist? If you don’t want to give her a name. How about a general location. In January did you go to a private doctor or hospital. When you had covid like symptoms in January did they test you for it?

  52. Hey man I am in Cebu in the provinces and I have currently 2 young boys and a lady that stay with me I get $1029.00 a month on social security we do all right I have a scrum paid for . I have been here 2 years now and dont wanna leave, We are also building a house within this budget slowly . My woman owns a lot in the mountains so cool good view away from everyone mostly BYE

  53. I returned to Australia from Angeles City with a similar malady on New Year’s Eve. I was crook as buggery by the time the plane touched down in Sydney at 9.00am. I was in a bit of a haze as I boarded the train that took me into town. By the time I caught the bus which would drop me within 3 kilometres of my friend’s house in a northern beach-side suburb, I was struggling to focus.
    During the bus ride from the city, I rang my daughter, who also lives on the Northern Beaches. Unfortunately, she was unable to collect me from the bus stop.
    I like to think of myself as being relatively robust and sufficiently stoic in my reluctance to ask for help. I always fall back on the notion that I can manage on my own. So, I accepted my daughter’s reasoning with faux equanimity. My private thoughts were less forgiving, but I acknowledge that I did not spell out the extent of my malaise. Perhaps we might have made an arrangement, had she enough information to appreciate my predicament.
    The walk to my friends home terminates with a steep rise. Of course, he had to own the house at the top of the hill. He couldn’t live in a gully. No. His is the house, way the fuck up a bloody great big slope.
    3 kilometres, carrying my travel pack (which added 20 plus kilos to my total load) and I felt like I might not see another sunrise.
    My mate was going out for New Year celebrations but I was unable to do more than groan from a fetal position in his spare room.
    I fluctuated from this state to feeling part-way human and back again for a couple of days, coughing up shit and lacking energy.
    I am not entirely convinced that I had the Chinese virus that has gained such notoriety over the last few months, but there has been a significant rise in the number of visitors to Angeles City from Wuhan, over the previous season. Whatever the origin; I have rarely felt as ill as I did in the first two weeks of this year.
    The only reason I came back to Australia was to facilitate my 14-years-old daughter’s application for citizenship. We have a home in Angeles and I am anxious to get back to it and the lifestyle I prefer.
    Having lived outside of Australia for over 25 years, I was shocked at the costs involved in doing simple, every-day things. A hamburger (not from the huge chain with golden arches or it’s competitors), I mean a real hamburger with a beef rissole, onions, beetroot, tomato, lettuce, egg…the lot… costs $10.00. Fuck me!!! 10 bucks for a hamburger!!! Buy a pint of beer to wash it down and you won’t see much change from another 10 bucks. A cup of coffee, through a hole-in-the-wall coffee shop costs the best part of 10 bucks, as well! I could go on, but you get the picture?
    I agree with the budget details Paul is providing here. Things are better in Philippines. Don’t get me wrong. I’m not whinging about life. I was simply unprepared for the costs that I confronted upon my re-arrival in this most beautiful country. I love Australia. Like the song says: “I still call Australia home…” but they may be pricing the welcome a little beyond my reach.
    I qualify for an aged pension in July and I reckon I can live a heck of a lot better in Angeles City or Peurto Princesa… on Samar, or Leyte, or Negros, than I can in rural N.S.W.
    There are drawbacks, of course: The services are way less reliable in Philippines. We regularly suffered brown-outs that sometimes ran for days. Thank Christ for the big diesel back-up generators that keep the mall air-conditioned. I’m reluctant to sweat out much more than a few hours in humid February, March and April. The cops are more predictable in Oz, as well. It’s a bit of a lucky dip in Angeles, especially in the run up towards Christmas and New Year when the local authorities regard all foreigners as mobile ATMs. I reckon I have put more gifts under trees in December through my contributions to post-men, garbage collectors, water delivery guys, couriers, baranguy officials and police officers than the fat cunt in the red suit, who uses a reindeer courier service.
    Still…all in all… I prefer the Philippines as a place to grow older. I’m not so much into shagging everything that smiles, or chasing girls around the bar scenes any more. I live a fairly quiet and reserved life, reading, writing and watching YouTube vlogs, like this one. You might even call me ‘respectable’, these days. I gave up drinking and took to eating less processed food a few years ago. I’m in better shape now, in my 60s, than ever I was in my 50’s. Perhaps my disposition will change if my health takes a nose dive.
    I watched as a friend succumbed to an illness that might have been better dealt with in Northern Ireland, where he came from. Another American mate couldn’t get blood for a transfusion until I was called in by his Filipina wife- almost at the last moment. (I’m ‘O’n neg. so my blood can be used by anyone.) I’ve seen friends dispossessed of their real estate because some Chinese entity made an offer to provincial officials in Boracay, that could not be refused. They told him to tear down his house and then gave the go ahead for a major Chinese tourist development. He could complain and wave his bill of sale; but who would listen? Too many have been rounded up for over-staying on their visas. If you’re ever deported for such a sin, I’ve been told you may never return. Don’t risk it. Another mate was slandered by a fellow ex-pat because they had a falling out and the accusations became so extreme that protection was required. They don’t fuck around in Philippines. If you want someone eliminated, or someone feels the same way about you… it can be readily arranged. Guys I have met have been shot by assassins hired over emotionally laden quibbles. The trick is to always remember that we ex-pats are guests in someone else’s country and the customs and habits of the Filipinos may not align with our own. That’s part of the joy of discovery.
    I enjoy these pod-casts. Sometimes the material covered is outside or beyond my interest but learning from the experience of others is the best way to go. Thank you for your efforts.

  54. I would have also bet you had Covid also. I also had the upper respirator infection,but my doctor told me not to come into the VA hospital unless it got really bad. I also live in thailand about on that same amount $1,500 as you do in the philippines . I also now still live in the US on the same amount each month. What can blow a hole in your budget is a serious health care problem. If you take medicare it is now $135.00 per month and I would take it if I was you also. You can use medicare part A and pay around $1,300 for a 60 day hospital care per year. It’s one way to use guam and medicare and Part A.

  55. Paul, on your last video you said baby Mae is now Edith Bunker.. Would you like some coffee?? Good info on budget-wise living in the Philippines. thx.

  56. Thanks for stopping by every night, Paul! You’re the buddy that lives down the street 8500 miles. You talk a lot and I can never get a word in edgewise, but I always enjoy your visit!

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