Café by the Ruins – Baguio City

cafe-by-the-ruins baguio city 04As you explore the Philippine Islands you will discover that Philippines is not only rich in natural resources and tourist spots, but also a home of countless number of excellent restaurants serving cuisines that tastes like heaven, just like the Café by the Ruins in Baguio City. Baguio City is marked as one of the most visited places by international or local visitors in the Philippines. When you talk about summer vacation, Baguio City is one of the best places that will pop up from your mind.

Café by the Ruins is one of the top restaurants that you can give a try when you visit Baguio City. This restaurant is open to serve you from 7am to 9pm from breakfast, lunch and dinner. It is located at 23 Chuntug Street, Baguio City, 2600. Their services are perfect for kids, groups, families as well as reservations, walk-ins, catering, outdoor seating and satisfying waiter service. Now, enough for the services, now let us focus on the most favorite part of all, the food that they are serving.  Café by the Ruins specializes in Asian especially Filipino cuisines. Aside from this, they are also offering sea foods, sandwiches and also a menu for vegetarians. Their menu can offer you a wide variety of selections. Yes, they actually have a lot to offer to their customers. Inside the restaurant, you can feel the pure, authentic Baguio ambiance. When you are inside, you can actually see the unique structure of the restaurant as it is composed of native things and furniture. You can also enjoy watching the lovely paintings surrounding the place.

Café by the Ruins offers you excellent choices in very affordable prices. They assure each and every customer that the foods served to them are worth every penny that they will be paying. For the Breakfast selection, prices range from $4.50-$6.50 and additional prices for add-on. For the Breads and Spreads, it ranges from $1-$4. You can taste their excellent sandwiches for just $3-$5. Coffee prices range from $1.50-$2, Refreshments range from $2-$3, Main courses or Specialties of the restaurant ranges from $6-$8 and so on. These prices are just some of the different specialties or food selection that you can find in their menu. By looking at these prices, you will know how affordable it is and by the time you have tasted them, you will again realize that they are worth it. When you happen to spend time in Baguio City, find time to drop by Café by the Ruins, and by that time, you will know why it is marked as one of the excellent restaurants in Baguio’s City.

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