Buying Real Estate in Queensland Australia

Buying Real Estate in Queensland Australia


  1. It’s all about how many voters in each demographic. Rich people are few votes, poor many. When whole economy goes down, poor move, then conservativism rises.. it’s a viscious cycle.

  2. Hello Peter. I live in Queensland at the moment, but the property I am living in, there is no land tax because it is valued under the minimum threshold, but I do pay a lot in Council Rates and Water and Sewerage charges. Do you know much cheaper are the Council Rates and Water and Sewerage charges in other states. I am particularly interested in Western Australia if have knowledge about it?

  3. Well spoken mate. That woman epitomises Australia the Land of Parasite Politicans. Even a 20 ft pole isn’t long enough. Being an Aussie in Qld doesn’t mean a thing.

  4. Pete I wouldn’t call them corrupt your not suggesting they local council are taking cash in there back pocket, they may be ripping you off but there not corrupt

  5. Pete viewing your previous excellent Videos, I know you have a soft spot for Cambodia, so here’s a little investment snippet for you. Get a guaranteed 8% on fixed term deposits with very well established micro finance institutions. These like banks ARE heavily regulated, not like in previous years, Today Cambodia has a highly regulated banking system, which includes these micro finance corporations. To invest you get yourself a 12 month either business or retirement visa $260. Lease accommodation with a minimum 12 months lease, negotiate with the landlord that you have the right to on lease it if you don’t wish to live there, or travel back and forth, have the Local Sangkat (like a local council there are 72 in Phnom Penh) endorse the rental lease that proves that the lease is ligit and a resident at the premises. Take those docs along with your Pass Port to a micro finance office og your choice, and many are paying 8% on either USD or Khmei Riels and invest for say 12 months to get your best rate. You’ll pay a flat 4% tax on the interest, which figure is deducted by the Micro Financer and paid to the tax department. There are many retired foreigners doing this here. So on USD 100,000 you’ll be able to live just OK on that, on USD200,000 live like a king.

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