Why You Should Build your own Home

If you want to own your own home in the Philippines, by far the best way to do it is to build it yourself on your own paid for land. There are just too many problems associated with buying from a developer. Some of the problems buyers have run into are failure to release a dead on a property that has been paid in full. The problem lies in the way the developer financed his project. If he borrowed money from a bank the bank owns the lien on all the properties until that loan is paid in full. So the buyer of an individual home will not be able to get his deed until the developer sells all his properties and pays back the bank loan which could take considerable time at best. This proves to be a big problem with buyers of these properties who often take their claims to court. There is a lot of corruption in this industry with all sorts of related problems

When I built my first house in 2004 I hired a team from Negros that was composed of mostly relatives who were experienced in building along with my father-in-law who was a foreman during the original building of the SM Cebu City. We purchased all the supplies and began building the new home on a piece of land Marianne purchased in Barangay Dakit just out side of Bogo City. Our 2000 square foot house was completed by September of 2004. I put a total of $84,000 into this large house and had no bank loans to pay off. We sold that house in 2010 to a retired American home inspector.

Building your own home from your own designs allows you to have a unique one in a million home something different something to be proud of. Most of the developers here have what many call cookie cutter homes, meaning all of them look the same or thre are only a hand full of different designs. Also most of these developers cut corners in construction and supplies meaning your door may not last a year before you have to replace it. For my home, I created a design on the computer exactly what I wanted in my home and the layout and then took it to an architect who created the blueprints for the builders.