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Marianne and I are looking into some land in Daan Bantayan northern tip of the island of Cebu, going for only P300 per square meter or around $6.00 per square meter. A small lot would run you around P60,000 or $1.395 at an exchange rate of 43.000 and you could build a great two story home overlooking the ocean for around $60,000 here. The ocean in northern Cebu is mostly a kind of black volcanic rock (see photo above) full of holes not much beach but it is possible to build walls jetting out into the ocean to cause sand to deposit there. It doesn’t always work but sometimes builds a nice beach for you.  You can also truck in sand from elsewhere. as was done  at some resorts in Mactan. You can build right up on the ocean here as the rocky soil does not erode vary fast like it did in California. We can buy the land now but will have to save to build the property as we currently do not have ithe extra cash as we are living on social security and pension.  Anyone interested in going in with us on this we can share the property or build a restaurant on the first floor and live in the second. This would be great for someone looking for a vacation property and have someone living there to care for it. Just some thoughts I wanted to throw out there, get your gears turning and thinking about what can happen here.



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