Bud Brown, “Why are these people in my neighborhood?”

Can we learn a lesson here? Rumors verses reality. See what I mean.
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I am a retired sixth grade teacher from California who is presently living in the Philippines with my wife and two dogs. These videos aim to be entertaining, inspiring and motivating for people who are tired of the rat race and want to live a simple, yet rewarding life. My passions are studying and learning languages and helping people in any way I can.
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  1. That’s how they get you, when you go out to pick up the rice and fish…thats when the snipers take you out 😂
    Seriously, so many rumors..SWAT teams??? I did see a suspicious looking street dog outside our gate so I fed him 😊

    1. I think it may be 5kg per household as they were doing the same in Naga, Bicol on another channel. Supply people with the basics and it prevents price gouging and panic buying, very sensible really.

  2. Hola Bueno al menos podes salir de tu casa , ACA en esta subdivicion y Tambien otras ,, solo te dan un pase por casa para poder salir , NO IMPORTA QUE SEAN FAMILIA O LO QUE SEAS SOLO UN PASE POR CASA Y SE ACAVO JAJAJAJ OOO sea que Sherly sale con su amiga que Tambien tiene pase y sabe manejar DE COMPRAS AL SUPER .. AL MENOS SE PUEDE HACER ESO , OK SALUDOS DESDE ILOILO

    1. @Bud Brown Bueno los restaurants estan cerrados los mas importantes del mall y algunos fuera del mall , eso si mc donals joliby tienen take out ,, ACA son muy extrictos ,y los super cierran a 6 de la tarde , /No hay ferry a BOCOLOD porque estan en lockdown ..Por ahora tendremos que esperar ,hasta que pare los contagios ,, OK SALUDOS

    2. Si, Amigo. En verdad, no es malo aqui, en Dumaguete. Podemos salir si queremos, pero preferemos quedarnos en casa hasta que se acaba este maldita virus. :=)

  3. hello mr and mrs Brown.
    You’re so Lucky over there .
    The baranggay gave you 5 kls of rice . 2 cans sardines and coffee ..
    Here in italy no ..only charity home help the homeless people. .
    feeding and giving shelter .

  4. Bud, that’s from the government not from whoever. We called it food packs rationing to all Filipinos including you my friend. Our government allocated several hundred billion of pesos for food rationing including by the way OFW around the world with 5000 to 8000 pesos locally for every family rich and poor and 200$ for all OFW who are stranded and no jobs. FYI

  5. How good is that handing out food, and you and Gloria passing it along. A shame western society is not that advanced in looking after citizens and neighbours.
    Thanks for sharing.

  6. In a Radio Address Delivered by President Roosevelt From Washington, December 9, 1941
    “Most earnestly I urge my countrymen to reject all rumors. These ugly little hints of complete disaster fly thick and fast in wartime. They have to be examined and appraised.”
    The person who left you that comment and others like him are spreading false rumors, which are punishable by law! It’s like war time now, but it’s a war against that (COVID-19) virus this time…
    Good luck Bud! Be safe and stay safe/Ned

  7. Hi Bud and Gloria. Hope all is well with you guys! I believe president Duterte marshalled this because he knows the mass majority of Filipinos live day to day. Make enough money to buy enough food for today. They don’t and can’t stock pile like us westerners. It’s a sad state of affairs. Pray for those hurting. Do what you can!
    I drive a tanker truck for aliving, deliver the chemicals dairys and food processing plants use to clean and sanitize their equipment. My company has flown me back and forth from Chicago to my house. that’s put ahold on me going home for a bit. Not sure if I want to get around my family right now. I’ve been in and around areas that have had cases. As a precaution will put home time aside for a bit.
    You guys take care and let’s pray and hope for an end to this situation soon. Dave H.

  8. That is amazing. What a wonderful thing for your Barangay to do 😊 and you and Gloria to give to your friend just shows what beautiful people you are. Sending love and good vibes from my family here in Spruce Grove, Alberta 🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦

  9. Wow!! I just came inside to watch your video.. I am in a un-disclosed location in America.. I was just in a firefight with American troops..they brought in reinforcement and were going to over run me so I brought out my mini nukes and I nuked them..I am taking a break and watching your videos.. after my beer break I will go back on patrol to protect my country from my government..
    And how is your day going 🤓😷🤗🍻🍺

  10. 😂 I love the way you respond to those comments with humor. You’re such a sweet individual you simply belong in Dumaguete 🥰 Stay healthy

  11. Hi Sir , we are a long time subscriber and been here the Philippines for 4 months now, we are staying here in Manila but thinking of moving to Cebu when the lockdown is over, can you recommend us a better place/area safe subdivision like you have over there in Cebu? We are Filipino Americans too, thank you in advance Sir

    1. Hi. Thanks for being a long time subscriber. I wish I knew more about Cebu. We only go there when we’re leaving the country. I do know that there are vloggers that do live in Cebu….Rod (Amazing Philippines) and Reekay, (Life Beyond the Sea) They actually have lived there a while and are very familiar with that area. Best of luck.

  12. Nice video. Stay safe in times of corona. For true filipino menue suggestions and a little bit of fun, please also visit my channel and subscribe. tnks.

  13. hahaha ur under communist inspired military lockdown now !!! 😂😂 thanks to your chinese loving , pro china PH president Duterte 😂😂😂

  14. Oh wow which brgy are u from? They are doing great. Some other locations in dumaguete are not giving anything not even ecq passes and some are only choosing people who are only registered voters, thats good even if they saw you’re a foreign guy they still gave you. One of the best things i saw in the internet ever since the crisis began 👏🏼

  15. You got a care package from the barangy? We didn’t, was told there is a rich foreigner lives there, they don’t get one. That’s ok. Your allowed to go out? Here in Moalboal any senior 65+ is not allowed out.

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