Bringing Your Pet to the Philippines, Part 2of2

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  1. I could understand not bringing your dog with you . It gives you alot more flexibly to do and go at will . Do they sell dog at some of the street BBQ joints . My brother was in Korea and said they have places that sell it . I think I would have left also .

  2. Philippines need to put a law regarding dogs, dogs are intelligent creatures, they should never be eaten at all, some people need to be educated about dogs, because dogs trainable intelligent, loving animals, they truly are man’s best friend, they are loyal companions, they prove that time and time again.

  3. Well I would not want to be a dog in a under developed country. But your looking at it with love for dogs. They don’t have it although my wife now loves our Yorkie…She never had a pet before and now the damn thing owns the house. With regards to keeping up with emails or comments Good Luck with that. Folks will just have to understand that you cant and soon you will need to be selective regarding what you respond to I would think.

  4. Yah, the volume is rising which is a good thing. But I’ve seen other channels that aren’t maintained, so they end up with lots of spam and racist comments. I want to keep my channel positive and clean so even if I can’t respond to all, I’ll be “pulling weeds” regularly. ha!

  5. Too many Filipinos are struggling to put food on the table, easy to neglect proper care for their pets. But there are many responsible pet owners in the Philippines too. Each forest has its snakes. Heard of a story state-side recently a pet owner blew up (yes-blew pet to smithereens) his dog. The local police said since it could not be proven the dog suffered, they could not prosecute the owner. To date the authorities did a 180deg from backlash. Fact is stranger than fiction.

  6. Just remember guys. Pigs are smarter so intelligence doesn’t enter into the eat equation… haha Its all about what influences you had grow up. I remember in Iraq when we first entered there were dogs all over the place. At the bases there were lots of dogs kill as part of a vector control policy.

  7. Good point. I don’t like the whole dog-eating thing, so I don’t partake in it. But as you pointed out, it’s been a long-standing part of their own culture. Nothing I do is going to change that.

  8. My nephew in Iloilo city has 6 purebreds from Bully’s to small breeds. All in small cages. They must be for show as he doesn’t care for them the way most westerners do. I still struggle to accept what I saw there.

  9. A lot of Filipinos particularly those who are struggling and are impoverishly poor resent dogs because some dogs live better than human beings. Pets of the rich live in large homes, get fed everyday, get pampered by their owners while the poor scamper for food, scrounging for scraps and change to feed their families. Some Filipinos have already resorted to eating dogs as a source of protein. It is not unusual to see Filipinos cooking dog meat to eat. So make sure you know what you are eating. hehehehe.

    1. I’ve seen dogs with mange, that’s about it.  Oh, one rabid rat that came within 6 feet of me.  It wandered slowly into traffic and a trike put it out of it’s misery right there in front of me.  But dogs.. no rabid dogs I’ve seen, not even aggressive dogs.  But in the U.S., lots of aggressive dogs.

  10. i’ve seen several instances of 3 or 4yr-old boys, girls, throw things, or run-at, kick-at, pigeons; its a dominance-instinct; Natural Selection has always favored the dominant

  11.   “Cats suck… Dogs rule!”  LOL!  Right on!  I most likely will end up giving my Dachshund “a girl named Jake” to my sister… $$$  🙁    But I love your “stry dog door” in your fence! It’s like “I love OTHER peoples kids”  😉

    1. +LifeBeyondTheSea – Philippines When I lived in the Caribbean they had these huge land crabs that the locals would catch and stake out to a string and feed them bread and water for a few days to “purge” them then boil them up!

    2. @David Pike and any scraps i had, chicken bones, whatever.. what the dogs didn’t notice the cats would take.  i had visitors all day/night between stray dogs, cats, chickens, a turkey, some roosters and even a large crab who visited every few weeks.

  12. I have been giving the Philippines serious consideration as a possible (early) retirement place. But I must admit, the mistreatment of animals and particularly dogs would be the biggest crux I would have to overcome.  I have 4 dogs who I consider and treat like family in addition to being an “animal lover” (no. not that kind). In many countries outside the west in general but not all of course, the mistreatment of dogs and other animals is heartbreaking to standby and watch. Unfortunately, animal cruelty happens everywhere, including the west. It’s just a matter of degree.

  13. i am moving to Cebu as soon as my foot heal,have a very small Asian breed dog i can not leave she is like a child to me, was hoping for advice on how to get her there

    1. +LifeBeyondTheSea – Philippines Hi, Reekay, I sent you a post on FB about an issue much like Steve’s and I was wondering if, you could help me as well? 🙂

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