Breeding Pen Progress 8-29-20

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  2. Red ant spray 1 litre of fipronil on the nest area. At 6ml of fipronill in 1 litre of water
    Won’t harm the chickens or dogs etc.
    slow acting ant killer so the ants will carry the poison back into the nest.

  3. It would help to keep the rats and dogs out of the feeders if they were attached inside the pen. On the inside doors, as you suggested would be a good place. Easier for those feeding them but still some barriers from the other animals eating it up.

  4. I thought that you wanted to be able to completely service the chicken pen from the outside. If the feeders are on the doors that won’t be the case.
    Michael #LifeAndLoveInThePhilippines

  5. At 1st I thought no you should not use a waterer like that. I thought you should use 5 gallon buckets with chicken nipples. I also thought that you should use 4 inch PVC pipe with 2″ inch holes drilled in them it at a 90゚ angle for the feeders. That’s what I use. You proved me wrong on this one you you just need a little bit of silicone to stop the leaks lol

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