BQ Mall Intersection, Bohol – Philippines

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  1. I got to the pier late, but was still able to get my ticket that night from the mall travel agency I previously didn’t know about. (A very cute girl works there too so, win-win.) I’ll shoot my pier video for the 4th time soon. ha!

  2. Plenty of reasons, but mostly because it’s so green. I have a fondness for smaller islands and smaller cities as well. Cebu/Mactan were fun and I still visit there, but I love the green life here much better.

  3. Do u have plans setting up shop in there like a bar or sumthin.. that’s what most expats are doin on the side other than chillin on the sands..

  4. Nah.. not me. Running a business here is twice as hard as doing it in the States. I’d rather just goof off every day. 🙂

  5. It’s kinda ‘gritty’ compared to the ICM mall. The traffic isn’t bad, really.. it’s only like that for about 3 blocks. ha! Traffic here is nothing. Now, downtown Cebu.. a bit more hectic. I here Manila didn’t plan out their lane widths to accommodate the buses so it’s in perpetual gridlock every day. One more reason I favor smaller islands over big ones, aside from visits for fun.. then I get the hell out.

  6. That is awesome, congrats! I love hearing about those who find the good-girls. I’ll get involved eventually but for now am busy with projects (some ebooks and websites) plus bouncing around the islands when I can or riding my scooter. I’ll settle down eventually. ha! Been just over year here and still, “no asawa”. ha!

  7. i’m already putting together a foto gallery of them, along with the jeepneys. i doubt it’s a city ordinance though. in cebu, half the sayings are bible verses.. the other half are whacky stuff like, “beam me up scotty” or stuff like that. ha!

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