Boracay D-Mall & Beachfront Area – Philippines

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  1. Reekay, thanks, I just love this video.

    Yeah definitely bigger than Alona beach. But also the shops are much much nicer.

    When I was at Alona I just couldn’t walk on the beach because it was soooo hot. My feet got hurt by the sand.
    Also my eyes hurted because of the overwhelming strong sunlight.

    Best to visit the beach in early morning or late evening?

    1. Yeah love Alona as well. Not far from home, cheaper area. Can say Bohol has a lot to offer. Of course seen the tourist hotspots like the chocolate hills, man made forest, Alona and so on, but Bohol has lot more to offer. For a whole day I stayed at Can Umantad falls, the nicest place I found in Bohol, friends in the neighborhood not even knew it existed. 

      But like to see some other Islands as well. Pamilacan seems to be nice, just like Camiguen and of course heard lot about Palawan. Absolutely need to take my girl these places.

    2. @Pieter Nierop what i love about alona is that it’s not expensive (compared to boracay) and no trike needed once you’re there.  great views, good food, massage and i love those tiki torches along the beach at night on alona.  muy romantico.  🙂

  2. Really great vid Henry . Loving the GoPro on a stick . The beaches there are beauitful , reminds me of St Thomas , Virgin Islands . Looks like a great open mall to hang out at . Did you try the Paella . Its a Spanish dish . It’s one of my favorite dishes . Take care .

    1. im glad you enjoyed it I would too if I was at such a beautiful place. thanks for sharing your life with us. it made me feel a little at home to even just see a footage of visayas region. I found videos of my town I was so happy that someone had post and shared it here on youtube site. thanks Henry

  3. I use to go to hobbit house, mabini. Manila. My fav folkhouse. Wayback 1979. I will definitely visit hobbit house if i will go to boracay. Nice vid tour hendry

  4. Absolutely great video Henry, first watched this on a small notebook but just watched this again on a big iMac and great quality. Can’t wait to have the tour on the beach. 

    By the way, I am sure one day The Tourist Agency of The Philippines will decorate you with tons of medals of Honor for promoting their tourist locations around the world in such a great way.

    This video is really nice done Henry, this Go-Pro is a good choice.

  5. Did u go to the…..I fricking forgot the hotel it wasn’t a really a hotel its just like a home and they had a clubhouse pool and that place is so awesome I went to the beach already with my clothes on :)) I’m from Canada

  6. One of the nicest and most underrated beaches in the world. A true gem
    of the Philippines, and when it comes to white sand beaches, I haven’t seen
    many that can even come close to Boracay. Truly she’s a gorgeous one !!!

    1. @al somore i totally loved it.  i like crowds, myself.  but i think those who used to go to boracay back when it was still kinda desolate find the crowds too big a change.

  7. I did this dive this year and filmed the dive with my Gopro 3+ I am comparing your video to mine which is much better since I did not use a red colour filter as you did. I was the best of 6 dives I did thanks for sharing.

    1. i dived the same shipwreck and funny enough saw the same yellow trumpet fish. everything was shades of yellow which made the trumpet fish even brighter yellow 🙂

    2. @antonio030562 it may have been that i was in very shallow water for the underwater shots (other video).  i had no red filter available.  just kinda lucked out with lighting i guess.  🙂

  8. Henry, love this video of boracay.
    Might go here next January if I can find a nice place To stay.
    Any other hotel that you can recommend similar In location as nigi nigi too? By the way are you using a Gopro with what type of mount. Can you post a link to the mount you use?
    Keep having more adventures and I might see you there 😉

  9. We r planning to move there when my kids finish college. But I’m really afraid .its to far plus no Mexican food . I Been there and I dint like it .

    1. @pabuaya38 the more you know and prepare, the less scary it becomes.  just continue doing your research until you feel confident to make a short visit to look around a few weeks.  and then decide if it’s right for you.  🙂

    1. @LifeBeyondTheSea – Philippines Two times back in 2006 and 2009 I stayed on Panglao island. The beaches there are nice. The sand is just as nice. Only thing it is not commercialized and crowded as Borocay. You can walk on the beach and buy things like water, snacks and even some fish dishes cooked up by local folks for a lot less money. Also there are restaurants there that operate from the hotels that line the beach. I remember I used to go out and lie down on the hammock then go out into the water. You can walk far out into the water without fear of drowning, similar like Boracay., And the water is clear. I’ve been to one beach in Palwan, I think in Punta Princesa. The beach there was okay but the water is not clear as in Panglao. We did go to the Underground River but we were cautioned that there are people on the beach who steal stuff so we did not go into the water. But the beach over there looked great,

    2. Never been there mate, but I’ve been in Phuket Thailand and Maldives. this coming July i will come and visit Boracay. Thanks for the Videos mate.

    3. @muscleman041 as great as boracay is, i’m sure there have to be other, lesser known, beaches with similar attributes.  anybody know of some great beaches apart from palawan that are more accessible to the central visayas?

  10. Just curious. Did you happen to see any Starbucks there? Last time i was there was in 2007. There was no Starbucks then. I’m wondering if there’s one now.

    1. I sort of hope there’s no Starbucks at Boracay yet. If there is one there already, it will seem to indicate that Boracay has become too commercialized.

    2. @martinbalagat at boracay i wasn’t really looking for starbucks, but i did notice Bo’s Coffee which is the PH equivalent.  i do know that there is a starbucks at Ayala mall in Cebu, so i’m sure there’s one somewhere in boracay.

    1. I was in Boracay last month – it is worth mentioning that green slimy seaweed blooms affect the bay between March and June each year – they come in on the tide right up to the beach so you have to wade through what looks like thick green soup to get out to the clearer water

  11. Regarding a couple of eating places you passed by, Smoke is a good restaurant, affordable local cuisine. Aria for woodfired oven pizza ,one of the two in the country when they first started out years ago.

  12. Thank you for sharing, we had our honeymoon there and the mall appears to have gotten bigger and better. I recall a European deli which had a nice selection of cheese (brie, etc.) and Italian wines. Take care. 

  13. I ate at the Hobbit house 3 weeks ago with my fiancee, They were out of anything with beef in it, LOL! I think i had a ham and cheese sandwich! If you include the ambiance it was the best sandwich ever, haha, not really the best sandwich ever, but a bad sandwich in Boracay beats a great sandwich at home any time!

    1. @LifeBeyondTheSea – Philippines Sharks seem to be in the waters in the mourning, seems them 20 to 60 meters down, They water is clear they see you and seems to know you are not what they eat.
      The jellyfish and loin fish and other stinging things far more dangerous,would not hurt to know more about even shell fish, if you see a shell that looks like a ice cream cone for sure do not pick it up.
      I picked up shells many times thinking they where empty to find out they where habitat ed.
      In almost 3 yeas of diving only saw stings and two trigger fish bites and only saw sharks in shallow waters a few times and they where all small 2 meters tops, run from you too.
      If you do see a shark and it arches it back it is not happy to see you just swim away as you have mad it made and Grabbing they tail not the best idea LOL

    2. @ROB NAVAEI p.s. there are threshers sharks near malapascua (northern tip of cebu island, just past bogo). but they are in deeper waters, divers have to actually go looking for them to have an encounter.

    3. @ROB NAVAEI more of a concern are the Box Jellyfish. very, very poisonous and painful. some people have gone into cardiac arrest from the pain. google ‘box jellyfish’ for more info on them. there is a season when they are most likely to be along the coast in SE Asia beaches.

    4. @ROB NAVAEI i know lots and lots of expats who are divers and asked them about it. they keep telling me it’s not a concern. mostly white-tipped sharks that are a bit shy of humans. no giant man-eaters like they have in florida, northern california and australia.

    1. @Emmanuelle Catubig my parents mostly cooked tex-mex mexican food. i’d never tried paella before, since it’s a spanish dish, it never came up during my childhood. very few spanish restos in socal, mostly is tex-mex.

  14. I went to Boracay 30 years ago. It had 3 sets of bungalows on that beach. No roads, no electricity, the interior was just jungle. It didn’t have ANY shops, it was true Paradise!! I guess I was incredibly lucky to see it that way.

  15. very nice video if I go back to the ph boracay and palawon are my stops for sure
    I will agree with you there are many places to eat but I would not recommend Mexican which I love or greek which I also love lots is lots in translation ha ha
    I like that kind of mall much better then the enclosed malls more interesting and more charm
    Richard in the tropics

  16. hi henry very nice video I am thinking of going there in sept do you have any suggestions that might have a refrig and micro wave in them near the D Mall and the beach

  17. Crime on Boracay Beaches

    I recently had my bag with belongings, cash and cards stolen from a chair at the Boracay Regency Beach Resort and Spa run by Henann Group of Resorts.

    As a guest staying in the hotel it was disappointing to learn they refused to pay any form of compensation for a loss which occurred in their own marked out area on the beach, right under the watch of their security guards.

    The resort manager Dindo Salazar said they take no responsibility and that they are forced to hire 3rd party security guards by the government. He indicated that upon speaking to the security firm that the 2 guards on duty that morning were to be relieved of their duties.

    The police at the station where the crime was reported told me the resort should take responsibility for thefts at their property. Seems like common sense, socially responsible, and good customer service to do so. This especially when a
    paying guest has been stolen from, inconvenienced and stressed from a theft off a resort chair.

    The police said there was a report that the thief took my bag and slid it up the front of their shirt, then took off down the road. Apparently this all happened on a very quiet beach at 7am without the security or other resort staff noticing.

    I was told by Dindo that my request for compensation could only be authorised by the owners of the resort, and after he brought up my case with both Karl Chusuey and Henry Chusuey (owners of Boracay Regency Beach Resort and Spa and Henann Resorts) that they refused to pay.

    Take this as a warning about the safety of Boracay, and the perceived safety of leaving your belongings within the secure area of resorts.

  18. Leaving Canada to Taiwan to Manila to Pampanga to Bataan Back to Manila then on to Boracay in Oct 15 cant wait And ya i never even heard of paella before but i love tex mex and south American dishes i make my own chimchirre  and Pinoy dishes  Going to love homemade food there

  19. +Chris PK why would you leave your bag with cash, credit cards and other valuables on a lounge chair at 7:00 AM in the morning? I always lock up my valuables in the hotel safe in my room. If there is no safe then you leave valuable with the hotel front desk. I agree the hotel is not responsible for your valuables. For the life of me I can’t imagine why you would take such valuable items on a beach with you. You have to realize the Philippines is a poor country and you can expect that. When I went to Palawan we went to the Underground River. Coming back there was a very nice beach there but the tour guide cautioned us that there are thieves there who will steal our stuff while we are swimming in the water. There are no lockers there to leave our items so I did not go swimming. But if I am staying at a beachfront hotel as you then surely I would lock away my valuable and go swimming with pleasure. People must exercise common sense when vacationing in poor areas.

    1. @Wayne Samuel i totally agree. even if i was staying at a resort in las vegas or los angeles, usa, i still wouldn’t leave anything but a towel and a shirt on a lounge chair. to leave that many valuables out where some thief could just walk away with it is totally a bad idea.

    1. +Samsung Mob i would say a week in boracay followed by cebu is a decent plan. boracay is fantastic, but it’s a small island mostly geared for tourism. me, i could beach bum for months, but some people get bored easily. so a week is a good visit for boracay. when you get settled down in cebu, be sure to take the 90 minutes ferry to bohol and visit the spots around there. very beautiful island, bohol.

  20. I’m looking to go to Boracay for a few days next month.
    Flights with Cebu Pacific is a over double the cost of Air Asia, would you recommend flying to Kalibo then catching a bus to Caticlan to save some money?

  21. Hey Rick! After watching this I have changed my mind of where I want to retie in the PI… As a 30 yo I spent a season in Charlotte Amalie Bay on Water Island in St Thomas and loved it. I acclimated to the heat no problem and there’s always A/C for us old guys… After all your travels around the PI what would you say would be the best Beach community to retire in as an ex-pat would be? Boracay looks awesome but would it take an arm and a leg to live there? I am praying I win my appeal with the VA on my pension and if I do I could swing 25,000 PHP rent…

  22. Well i went to Boracay La Carmela hotel Hotel wasn’t bad But If your going there and want just to relax Don’t bother You have person after person asking you to buy something IE selfie stick Sunglasses Raincoat etc etc and i mean one after the other ..theres waves of them Boat rides, Tours The second you walk on to the main walkway to the beach on the beach It’s crazy and trust me after a plane ride a small packed bus a boat and another bus ride You will want nothing more then a cool beer and a nice spot on the beach to relax for abit to take it all in..Nope never happen

  23. Rick ( is it Rick) you are one of the best commentators out there. Your better then some of the local anchorman around the country.. You’re articulate and informative. About Boracay D-MALL is that station 2 or station 3 ? and what hotel would you recommend? Thank you.

    1. +Robert Tiberious i was staying in station 1 and wandered my way from there to station 2. i spent the 5 days in that area and a few side-streets. i was there during first week of december, just a few weeks before peak season kicks in.

  24. We totally missed that place when we were there a couple of years ago. Thanks for bringing it to our attention. Next time we can make it over I’ll be sure we check it out. 🙂

  25. im going to have to visit the Philippines one day.. looks so beautiful and so many things to do there… the food must taste really good and much cheaper then in the usa

  26. Really enjoying your channel which I found today … I’m a Philippines newbie so finding your vlogs really helpful…keep up the good work 👍🏼

  27. Reekey,I would like u to make a video about the different between, mandanoa, visaya, and the others big island I forget the name of it, probably say Manila area, because i see most expats are living in Cebu…I only been in Manila, just one trip only, but for my future trips I want to travel to more places,I was afraid, because it was my first trip, look forward to hearing the different,I have to learn from those whom already there for some time,

  28. Question. How often does it rain here around november? Would you get bored here for 10-12 days? Is that a bit too much in one place?

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