Booze/Liquor Prices in the Philippines, Bohol

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  1. sam mc gal its it almost 4 aus dollars in bangkok ,thanks mate im heading to bahol .ha haar have a goody old son i have enjoyed your youtube clips ,i hope you keep it up you would make a good honest journalist ,good enjoying them all.greg from perth australia .

  2. for a small party,i bought a 750ML bottle of jack daniels at SM in santa rosa area and it was a little over $7US and here it is prob over $20 now.bacardi was about $5.50 QT and it came w/a bacardi baseball type cap.i no sooner started out the store and i seen my nephew to be, was already wearing the hat and gave me the thumbs up.i told my fiance,i don’t know if he is giving the thumbs up because of the hat or because i don’t drink and they get the whole bottle..she said..”both”! 🙂

    1. Another rot-gut is one called Kulafu.  I’ve had that and even when mixed with C2 energy drink.. it tastes like gasoline.  In fact, they call it ‘gasoline’.  I used to drink it with my maid on Mactan.  Nasty stuff.

  3. Speaking of light and fruity, that’s how I would describe the domestic beers in the PH EXCEPT Cerveza Negra. Not every establishment carries it, either.

  4. If I drank more I could enjoy the good booze prices in Cebu.  I often get an 8oz bottle of CocaCola in the bar for 25 pesos…60 cents USA with ice. Coffee is 35 pesos in the bar….75cents…or you can go outside and get some coffee from a machine for 5 pesos!  Where I stay the open bars with tin or thatch roofs have sam miguel beer for 35 to 40 pesos…….but if you go to a fancy bar with Air Con they may be 50 or 55 pesos.  Air con and fancy big screen TV make the beer cost more!

  5. brought some quality 12 year old Irish whiskey to my pinoy family on my last trip and also some ,well,,, lets say locally made irish spirit .
    they were roaring drunk on just a few glasses almost blew there heads off. they seem to like the sweeter side of alcohol. 

    1. I wonder why Canadian Whiskey is the best selling the world? Canadian Club, Crown Royal, etc….? Do they even grow wheat in Ireland? My guess it’s all imported…

  6. Good video on booze prices Henry–looks about 10-12 times less expensive than US.
    A little off topic here, but I was wondering if you can get on TV-stuff like the Masters
    Golf- or the NFL, or world tennis matches etc??? Can you comment on this sometime??
      Another important thing- is “dentistry costs”- quite cheap there. To have a crown or
    cap put on your tooth in Canada or the US, is about $ 800.00, and from what I’ve been
    told by Filipino people people, it’s only about $ 70.00 there-“way less”- so if you have
    dental work needed, just have it done there.( 10 times cheaper-good deal)

    1. Hey Grant, It’s me Roland. Yes, you get dental work here cheap. Cleaning cost me about 500 pesos which is about $12.50 dollars Canadian. And that’s from a modern well-equipped air-condition dental office that is clean and looks like any Canadian Dental office. You have to shop around though as location sometimes determines the price. The reasoning is the rent is probably higher in those areas but overall is still way cheaper here. I got a crown in Toronto, Canada for close to $2000 dollars which included dental x-rays and cleaning, etc just for one tooth. Here it’s like anywhere from 100 dollars maybe about 150 dollars depending on the location of the dental office. I mentioned that price because I am in Quezon City but the dental office I did go to was in Greenhills which is a more affluent area and where a lot of millionaires (literally in dollars if you calculated the exchange of the value of homes there) live. I went there previously because of an advertising I saw on the Internet from Canada so when I went for holidays one time, I went there and also brought my wife and daughter to get their teeth fixed as well.  Now I go to the one closer to where I live and I believe it is less although I was told that they don’t have any X-ray machines so they send you to another place to get your dental x-rays. It’s still cheaper though than the one in Greenhills.

    2. I don’t follow sports, but expats I know either get it online using a program to change their ISP location, or get the cable package to their home that includes American sports coverage.  In Ceub I was at a pub that had European soccer (futbol).. so I know it’s available.  I’ll try to cover the dentistry costs when I’m closer to civilization again.  🙂

  7. I thought the filipino government raised the alcohol tax by 400% last year. I remembring buying the small SML in Cebu City, 7-eleven for around 60-70-80 (?). Ofc 7-Eleven might be a bit more pricy..

  8. Yahoo!  Any booze is good brand way better than a bottle of peppermint mouthwash to a bum here in the  U.S    Let’s get SMASHY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Thanks for the vid. Wish I were there!

    Tanduay should be pronounced “Tahnd-why.” I don’t care for any of the Tanduay rums, although they make very good wine coolers. 

    Old Captain is a better rum, reasonably priced. 

    San Miguel gin is good and inexpensive. You can mix it with a Sting energy drink.

    I wouldn’t touch any of the local tequilas, because they’re not pure agave. 

  10. I forgot to mention Don Papa rum, which is a premium rum made in the Philippines. It’s about 30 bucks a fifth, but it’s outstanding. You can get some at SM in Cebu City.

  11. Philippines has not caught on to the idea of “Sin Tax” (much higher taxes on Booze, Smokes, Gas and Lotto)  in the Philippines all (most) taxes are included in the sticker price.. which is also a huge bonus for those of us from highly taxed countries.

  12. If you like smoking drinking Ph.Is ideal hehehe.Well many sad storys follow also.
    Where i am they always drive home my grocerys,but i always give tip,like 100p.when do big grocery.1 guy stayed and put all grocery in freezer like this lke that….very friendly.But this is not big town.I love go marketing and buy food etc.just not to be in hurry ore stress.Hope can return soon,….

  13. A couple of thoughts: these things are cheaper in the city, in the provinces you’re also paying for the truck and ferry that got it there. And figuring prices is easy; just take the price, multiply it by 2.2 and that’s it in American cents. So something that sells for 45 pesos is – 2 times 45 is 90, plus .2 (or 10 percent of the first conversion) to come up with 99 cents.

    Things sold by the kilo are even easier; since a kilo is 2.2 pounds and a peso is 2.2 cents, if it costs 190 pesos per kilo – it’s $1.90 per pound in US pricing. This will become second nature to those who relocate here during their time of being accustomed to the Philippines. When you think of prices in pesos, then you’ve settled in.

  14. This is really very helpful. If you don’t have good finances, just go to the locals and ask for the local hangouts and they would surely live to share some drinks to you. Filipino style hospitality

  15. RedHorse that will make you drank fast, I tried it. If you want to sleep well that’s the beer that you wanna drink. Hope you wake up on time or you may miss the Bus.

  16. Your suppose to get black out drunk every night in the Philippines that’s what I do there. I’m talking about drunk that you just fall over and knock yourself out drunk.

  17. Beer in Philippines has a lot of Formaldehyde in it to keep it drinkable while it is stored in the hot sun, otherwise it would go bad very fast. I drink rum since it doesn’t have formaldehyde in it. Formaldehyde is what is used to keep cadavers fresh until buriel.

  18. Hai….sir
    my vacation idea in Philippines
    But…budget so expensive in Philippines I think……..
    Mostly I want ask you …. question
    Around maximum 15 or 30 days
    Vacation I’m plan but around budget
    I’m confused. … now u tell him cost of dollars & KD. ..?
    single vacation safe in Philippines or not
    Just little bit scared I’m . ..sir
    I don’t now Philippines it’s my problem
    I hope u answer …….. me

    1. You spend not much the prices are cheaper. You are safe 100% in the Philippines but don’t go to southern Mindanao the muslims place your not safe there. Northern Mindanao you are safe . LUZON and VISAYAS region you are safe.

  19. I just really would like to know about Remy Martin VSOP… Is it available there, or is that a specialty item that would be hard to find? Would it be easier to just bring a bottle of that on my trip? Or will customs not allow me to bring it in the country?

    1. Go to duty free store at any international airport. You can shop there booze and whatever you need.. Sort of little convenient store tax free…just ask the Airline reps where is the duty free store…

    2. @Gabriel Amari i don’t know much about booze, but maybe someone here can answer your question. i only drink apple san miguel or sparkling wines. 🙂

  20. Just a thought, maybe just state prices in pisos and let the viewer do the conversions. Its a bit disruptive to keeping pausing for this aspect and besides not everybody is using the dollar.

  21. hi there my friends im thinking of going 2 the Philippines it would be my 1st time, were exactly is this place on the video ur showing? what part of the Philippines would I have travel 2?

    1. Go to small cities like Dumaguete, tagbilaran Bohol, Davao city is very safe…gensantoscity, Iloilo city..Bacolod city, Cagayan de Oro city..Google and watch videos of these cities…DO NOT GO To Manila or Makati… Only rich people go there and they are concrete jungles and lots of hustlers out for money…Boracay is getting that way nowadays..have a friend to go with you can trust..happy traveling…

    1. 750 ml Jameson is about $22. 750ml JW Red Label costs about $15. 750 ml Aboslut Vodka $13.50 1 liter of Jack Daniels No. 7 $26. You can pretty much drink yourself to death without getting broke. LOL

    1. +Buddy Phelps i don’t drink much, so i’ve not really looked for Coors in particular. i have an apple san mig once in a blue moon.

    1. +Palmdale Monty i have no shame when it comes to booze. i like it like i like my women.. sweet. 🙂 i’m a big fan of san mig apple as well.

  22. Give me Corona or Heineken any time although red horse is actually a good tasting beer but from one of the comments I read the chemicals they put in there to suppress deterioration I don’t think I will drink it

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