Bohol, Mactan, Cebu, Dumaguete Comparisons, 1of2 – Philippines

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    1. I have not been to Angeles and am in no hurry to go there.  For one thing, I’m no big fan of Manila and that alone keeps me from making the trip.  Angeles is for those who put zero-effort into meeting women.  And as a result, those guys are targeted while not thinking straight.  None of that appeals to me in the least.  I’d rather meet a nice Filipina under much more ‘normal’ circumstances myself.

    2. I haven’t been there in a long time and it wasn’t much then. Unless you are a sex monger I would avoid it like the plague. Reading now and then, it has gotten a lot worse. High crime area, Korean mafia and their gangster killings, entrapments galore and troubles with the local police and comments from long time regular visitors even looking for a new place to go. It seems that the local police are trying to extort as much money as possible before the gravy train ends as Manila sees the place as an eyesore and wants to clean it up.  

  1. For me who’s a gym goer; having a good place to workout is also important. Just googled dumaguete gym and.. hey, there’s even a good gym there. Makes it a lot more attractive for me.

    1. A buddy of mine goes to World Gym which is downtown.  Myself, I’d prefer either a gym with a swimming pool or just find a pool I could use on a day-use basis.  I’ve checked some local resorts/hotels but so far not found one available for just day-use.  On Bohol and Mactan it was no problem.

    1. He was “quiet on the set” the whole time.  Unlike the roosters who feel compelled to interject every few minutes.  🙂

  2. Nice to hear more good things about Dumaguete. You mentioned the availability of health care facilities in this area. When you get more grounded and meet more folks, I wish to know what the local expats think of the level of care, costs, etc. I forget if you’ve discussed health care costs and what to expect for a monthly premium for decent health insurance in the Philippines. In some SE countries you can’t get coverage past age 70.

    1. @marvie mamba I can only speak for myself.  I’m moving to Cebu because the cost of living is much lower than Florida.  Manila is too crowded!  I’m single and filipinas are beautiful!

  3. Dude, you have balls to move to Philly after only researching. I would HIGHLY recommend anyone one who wishes to move there to live there for at least a year to get a good feel for it. If not, even a few month. 

  4. I was looking at Valencia and Dumaguete as options, especially with my internet businesses that I can continue to do from there. Dumaguete really sounds like the place to go. I like that you have trees where you are, so it is looks more suburban. Do you have the problems with folks playing karaoke in the wee hours of the morning, or other loud noises?

  5. Henry you exposed my little bit of paradise me and my Asawa just bought a 1749 sqM lot on the road above ocean 24. I will be coming back in Nov would love for you to have Dinner with us some time my wife is from the area so we decided to settle there we will start building the maids house this winter for us to live in while we build the main house next time you are in lower Lunga stop by the Cora sari sari and have a cold drink and say hello to my honey. we also have a piggery like you but only handle 24 pigs at a time 

  6. got to admit, so far Dumaguete is my favorite place in Philippines, (so far) if your short trip Harrolds Mansion is place to stay cheap but clean, u can hire a bike there too 

  7. Thanks so much for your videos.  I really enjoy watching them even though they’re meant for non-Filipino audiences.  I especially appreciate your fair-minded ‘take’ on my country even though I’m pretty sure you’ve already seen the ugly ‘warts’ there.  I work abroad so I watch your videos whenever I get homesick.  As a Cebuano married to a lovely lass from Bohol who herself has plenty of relatives in Dumaguete, I guess you could say your videos bring me home night after night, even if only in spirit.  So please keep them coming.  Thanks again, more power, and God bless you!

    P.S. Mactan is actually part of Cebu, i.e. part of metro Cebu, in fact.  Anywya, thanks again. 🙂

  8. Curious as to why you weren’t too keen on places south of Cebu City. I know that your rental apartment in Moalbaol was burgled, but did you get to travel to places such as Oslob, Dalaguete, Argao, Badian, Alegria etc?

    1. Fair enough. I was curious because they are towns I hope to visit in Feb/March 2015. Also heading to Dumaguete for a few days. No, I’m not stalking you 🙂

    2. @59jalex it’s not that i have anything against those places.  i will visit them again eventually.  i rode through many of those areas before arriving at moalboal and then dumaguete.  it’s just been a matter of spreading my time in so many places that has prevented me from spending more time along the eastern and southern coasts of cebu.

  9. Reekay! You didn’t mention another advantage of Dumaguete: it’s outside the typhoon belt and doesn’t suffer as much during the annual typhoon season as places like the Bicol peninsula and other islands facing the Pacific. Davao and Zamboanga have that “typhoon-free” reputation too, but they’re much further afield.

    1. @Michael Jordana very true. there are about a dozen typhoons a year in the PH, most are just heavy rain. but even the rougher ones begin the same way.. heading for cebu. and then, like clock-work, they divert north to manila, luzon areas. cebu, bohol and dumaguete usually dodge those storms coming in from the east.

  10. Hey Ricky do you know much about Luzon ? I’m planning on living in Lipa City , Batangas Province in April : with my girl friend and her kids !!

    Also I seen one of your videos about service Dogs do you know or do you have any info on Guide Dogs in the Philippines thank you Will Martin

  11. reekay,my brother and I want to retire their next year.We want to be out of the city and want a quiet lifestyle .is Dumaguete a good play or should I say quiet.Looking to spend around 20000php per month for a furnished house.Lookingb to leave Canada at the end of April 2018.Keep up the great work.Love your videos tks.sheldon

  12. The only reason I’d never choose to live in Duma is because there are no taxis, only tricycles… open, not much room, no aircon, lack of security and cramped. Not good when it’s raining or two of you have suitcases because you’re relocating or have groceries from the mall.

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