Bohol Earthquake: Tagbilaran Pier Damage – Philippines

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  1. Fatalities from Tuesday’s massive quake rose to 107 Wednesday morning as a 5.1 magnitude aftershock rocked the Tagbilaran, Bohol area at 10:42 a.m.

  2. Reekay your videos are great, now that you are a youtube star you should invest in a better camera for video so we can see the Philippines in glorious HD

  3. Well Mr Heraldo Rivera haha . Great shots …You do all this using your phone Camera? Good that they dont have gas lines running all over the place or water lines for that matter. Do you thing Bohol tourism will be significantly affected because of key infrastructure (Bridges, Sewer, electrical, etc) being damage? Are the passenger boats running. Are people leaving the island to stay in other places. I would think there will be work available it the area for some time.

  4. amazing how the ground can just stretch and buckle and crack in every direction…mind boggling forces, we are just ants. Are the ferries still sailing to this pier?

  5. I saw people coming in from the pier welcome center so I’m figuring it’s still operational. I’ll know for sure in about a week since I need to book a ferry then.

  6. For a while some expats, including myself, were staying in a hotel to get electricity/water. But things are slowly coming together now. Tourism will take a huge hit. Even the Chocolate Hills were damaged. It’s insane. Oddly enough, some locals are now promoting a “Quake Damage Tour”. In time I know tourism will bounce back, maybe even in six months. Most people don’t come here to see the churches specifically. The beaches, resorts and family ties bring most visitors.

  7. At the fish market near the Panglao bridge, here on Bohol, I bought a big Lapu Lapu for my (soon to be) g/f’s family. There were several of the LapuX2 on hand, but maybe it was a good catch that day. Not sure since I don’t wake up early enough to go to fish market all the time. But I eat bbq regularly along with veggies, otherwise the diet here is very starch/carb heavy, not a good thing.

  8. I’ve been to many fish centers in the Philippines. Fish centers are piers or docking areas of big fish industries. Where businessman and middlemen auction, sell and buy fish to be spread all over city and town markets. Lapu-Lapu, Blue Marlin and Tuna rare delicious fish. The reason it’s first class and costly. It’s shipped to Japan and Hong Kong more often than USA. Great video of the pier. Great video of the skinny ferel cats. I hope they stay away from Chinese restaurants.

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