Bohol Earthquake: My First-Hand Account, Part 4of4 – Philippines, 2013

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  1. I can’t say for sure because I have never experienced it, but I think my first concern would be finding some drinkable water or fresh fruit to keep me from drinking just any water. A bout of dysentery would just cause worse problems like electrolyte imbalance, dehydration, and running out of Charmin fast. After that I would want chocolate.

  2. One of life’s fantastic events. Glad your okay Henry. I sent you an email right after I heard about the rock and roll … Glad they are more civilized that we are here in the west. You would have needed a gun… I am about a month away from being there but I will visit Luzon first. Once we give out all the gifts then we can focus on me… haha… I would look into some sort of water purification system They have small ones that can provide you with water but they are not cheap.

  3. One saving grace here is that the PH has lots and lots of water filtration places all across every town. Most people prefer filtered water over tap water here.

  4. my plan b would relying more to nature looking for abundant fruits such as coconuts, bananas etc and edible plants and vegetables which are pretty much everywhere in the province. well I prefer those than eating meat and fish in times like that. I don’t want to end up buying fish kill products or other animal meat died in a catastrophe. chances of contamination is very high. what you think?

  5. I hope, now that you experience it. You know what to do next time a calamity happen. Look what happened to KATRINA AND SANDY. Americans don’t have food, water, petrol? Towns and cities in the east cost did not have electricity for weeks. Red cross was never found and if found they ran out of supplies? NoFEMA in the Philippines. Your on your own for at least 2 weeks, till it becomes normal. Manila is different, they got a lot of NGOs.

  6. Just goes to show how sensitive our civilization is to upset via catastrophe and this was in a third world country (No insult intended) could you envision the result of a major disaster like a world war or pandemic? No matter where you are, better to have reserves of the basics stashed just in case. Cheap insurance indeed. I enjoy your Vids and I will be retiring to the Philippines early next year.

  7. Since I have a scooter I haven’t had to refuel this week. It only costs me about 120 pesos to fill the tank from empty. I suppose those with buses and trucks would feel the pinch more. But I haven’t paid much attention to the prices before or after to confirm. I’ll ask the locals though it there’s been any increase.

  8. Thanks!.. I was out of net access for a while so other than getting a message to family back home I was pretty much out of touch. But busy, even so.

  9. I remember Oct 15th 2013 very well ,, my GF txt me telling me 1 wall of the house in Consolacion, Cebu was down being in a 6 plex I ended up paying for the total re-build but it cost me $600 ,, before it was fixed my GF would not stay in house she stayed at the church ,, it was bad but 1 funny thing was she said it is costing 300p per man a day for the 3 laying block it to much ,, I tld her hire 3 more so its done faster ,, by the time I landed in Cebu in Nov a month later ,,, you would have never known there was a EQ even the typhoon damage I could not see in

    Consolacion, Cebu

  10. One of the things that your video illustrates quite well is when there is some sort of crisis things break down very quickly. Which is one reason we should try to prepare for reasonable items which can be foreseen. I lived through the Los Angeles riots, which I believe were in 1994. I went to 4 or 5 ATM machines before I could get any cash. Due to the riots the cash deliveries were halted as they were considered too risky so many ATMs were empty. So it’s not a bad idea to keep a few hundred dollars on hand plus some extra water and cans of food, just in case.

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