Bohol Earthquake: My First-Hand Account, Part 2of4 – Philippines, 2013

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  1. Por Dios por santo. Dios miyo miho. Right on the money. “Community Togetherness”. Another term siesta time or party time.

    Try dried salted fish. The reason we got a lot of “Fish Jerky”. It’s not just a common poorman’s meal. It can last a long time w/o refrigeration. One of Filipinos prepper food. It’s not often Filipinos would stock pile meat in the fridge. Reason blackouts. The other we like to buy meat and cook it on that very day.

  2. Part 3 is now online, part 4 is on the way. It’s been difficult finding a decent signal so each upload is taking about 7 hours. Much more on-the-street footage on the way, so subscribe for instant updates as they are uploaded. 🙂

  3. I live in Loon and you can get here. Try to find the free government operated pump boat in Cortez to get across the river but after that you have no transportation. We are still without electricity except for my house. There are some guys charging P300 to cross the river. I assume you are in Tagbilaran from what you described. As of Saturday night we are still getting aftershocks in Loon. No fish is available because all the fishermen are expecting a tsammie (sp).

  4. Do you know if any of the V-Hires or Buses are able to get from Tagb to Loon? A friend of mine needs to get to Loon next week and isn’t sure what’s accessible.

  5. I’m glad you’re Ok! I live on NorCal. My father grew up in Talibon Bohol. I’ll bring my family in Bohol in 2 years. Thanks for all the info.

  6. Gotta keep of food stash of at least a couple of weeks of dry goods/canned goods to get you through…we keep a Ko-Nice burner (like a back pack stove) and half a dz cans of butane fuel in the event the power goes out we can still cook…Its a bummer when everything around town is closed and there’s no food, water, or power…Fortunately everything returned to somewhat normal on the 3rd day…

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